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Twenty Clever Billboards No need to swerve into oncoming traffic to read these billboards.more… Four Heroes of Public-Access Television Public-Access Television is much more than Wayne’s World.more… Collection of six rare Ford race cars up for auction 6 historic Ford Performance race automobiles worth a number of million dollars each will be crossing the auction [...]

Disgruntled Guest Rams Truck Into Oklahoma Hotel Desk Stunning video released Monday shows an angry man ramming his pickup truck through the lobby and into the front desk of an Oklahoma.more… Girl Freaks Out and Faints on Slingshot Ride She ended the journey with a smile, even though she fainted several times mid-ride.more… 15 Most [...]

Top 7 The Advantages of Electric Cars for Us Electric cars have several advantages over traditional fueled cars. The most obvious and most often discussed is a 100 percent electric car have free emission. more… San Francisco In 17 Amazing Photos San Francisco located on northern California Pacific Coast, is one of California?s oldest and [...]

See Stories of Drivers Taking Lion, Horse and Even Shark in Cars In the US, driver was loaded horse in the back seat of the vehicle. Another was seen fueling truck with 10.8 ft shark in the back of the truck.more… You Cannot Escape the Power of Internet Cats! We all agree: internet cats are [...]

89 Year Old Turkish Man Hasn?t Slept in 55 Years! No sleep for 55 years? Read more here! more… 10 Tuned Cars That Will Make Your Ears Bleed Watch This Epic Collection Of Turbo Weapons With Anti Lag Systems As They Blast Friendly Fire Out Their Exhausts!more… Snowflakes Can Be Art! Check Out These Pictures [...]

How to Keep Cars off the Sidewalk

Posted: 7th February 2015 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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(NSFW: Language) Russian vigilante group Стоп Хам (Stop a Douchebag) catches road regulation violators red-handed. Here they take on folks that drive on sidewalks and bike lanes. The track is Бабки (Babki) by Zoo in Space. More here. Hat Tip Link The Awesomer

Awesome Taco Toaster Nostalgia Electronics’ Taco Toaster lets you make a crispy hard taco shell using standard tortillas that can be found at any local market.more… Where Old NYC Subway Cars Go New York City’s subway system is currently the world’s sixth busiest, with 1.6-billion annual passenger rides.more… Starbucks Espresso Infographic Advertising take a look [...]