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You Better Not Speed

Posted: 3rd February 2011 by Sus Scrofa in Videos
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At long last, Saudi Arabia has found a way to let women drive cars in the KSA. Haha!

With the Detroit Auto Show in full swing, this week a Chinese company touted a new all-electric vehicle that gets 205 miles on a single charge and is set to hit the U.S. market later this year.

Valets Caught Abusing Luxury Hotel Guests’ Cars

Posted: 16th December 2009 by Sus Scrofa in Crime
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Bulgarian prosecutors are investigating a new gambling game in which drivers defy death by speeding through red lights for bets of up to 5,000 euros ($7,400), the chief prosecutor’s office said Thursday.

Man Cashes in, Staging Nearly 100 Car Crashes

Posted: 22nd October 2009 by Veritas in Crime
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A Briton who cost the insurance industry some 1.6 million pounds by staging almost 100 car crashes as part of a scam to win fraudulent payouts, was jailed for 4-1/2 years on Wednesday.

Check Out The Fastest Car in the World

Posted: 29th September 2009 by Sus Scrofa in Lifestyle, Science | Technology
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Talk about a one-man stimulus package: Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris has given away 20 cars to people who wrote about their struggles to keep their jobs for a lack of wheels of their own.

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — A pregnant woman in Cape Canaveral was hit by lightning Friday. Eyewitness News learned she was knocked unconscious, but regained consciousness on the way to the hospital.