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The “Limitless” Pill is Real!!! Everyone is seeking for an edge and if there is one quality of an individual needs to achieve this is intelligence. Fist widely introduced to the public as an intelligence enhancing pill is in the movie "Limitless", the pill is called Donepezil.more… 15 Most Tallest Buildings In Asia From the [...]

Enormous Eagle Sculpture is Largest Bird Monument in Europe Artist Gabor Miklos Szoke, known for gigantic sculptures made out of wood, recently broke a record by creating the biggest bird monument in Europe.more… 20 Toronto Buildings That Used to Be Movie Theatres part communal TV set. Later, as the public began to shy away from [...]

RocketSkates: Modern Retro RocketSkates are retro, "back to the future" style, motorized roller skates that you strap over your shoes and ride at speeds up to 12mph! The smart electric skates are remote-free, simply lean forward to accelerate and tilt back on your heal tomore… Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Asia Here is the list [...]

5 Cool Facts You May Not Have Known About the Real-Life Iron Man House In addition to possessing an inordinate intelligence, sexiness uncommon and armor that makes him a superhero, Tony Stark also has a bank account and a well filled house that looks like him.more… World?s Best Restaurants 2014: Noma Wins Again Copenhagen restaurant [...]

CHECK OUT THE TOP 10 OF THE WEIRDEST SPORTING EVENTS AROUND THE WORLD When someone is described to be a sports fan, it?s assumed that the person enjoys watching or playing basketball, football, and other popular sports. However, there?s so much more to athletics than just those games. In fact, the world is rife with [...]

Pripyat From the Height of Its Buildings The city where time stopped long ago photographed from the height of its buildings in different seasons of a year.more… 11 Ephemeral Pieces of Light Art Photography Light art painting or light writing photographs taken in the dark.more… CARS TO SURVIVE THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE THE WALKING DEAD If [...]

Double Crane Collapse Two cranes fall into pit in Venezuela.more… How To Keep Clam In Traffic Jams! Have Fun In Traffic Jamsmore… Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the World Top 10 Tallest Buildings or tallest skyscrapers of the world ever including the biggest mega structures ever made by mankind.more… 20 Extreme Drunk Prank With Best [...]

Bold, bio-inspired, vertical and sustainable: those are the traits that architecture of the future will share, if you go by the trends in current cutting-edge concept designs. While some of these architectural concepts will never become reality, others are already in progress or slated to begin construction soon. From a sparkling urban farm inspired by [...]