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Bill Shredder Piggy Bank

Posted: 6th June 2016 by Sus Scrofa in Oddly Enough
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This wacky piggy bank from SHINE Japan makes it look like you’re shredding your cash, when in fact it’s actually saving your bills. Designed for Japanese currency, but works with U.S. bills and most others. Link Link 2 Price: $ 30 More Awesome Stuff for You to Click On: Sadako vs. Kayako… in BaseballLump of [...]

Bill Cosby on Colbert Report

Posted: 27th September 2014 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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The great Bill Cosby dropped by The Colbert Report and spooked kids by acting like a crazy old man. But he wises up in this extended interview, where he talks about the phone calls he gets nowadays: the morbid ones and the senile ones. Hat Tip Link The Awesomer

The 9/11 health bill, a version of which was approved by the House of Representatives in September, is among a handful of initiatives that Senate Democrats had been hoping to approve this year before the close of the 111th Congress. Supporters believe this is their last real opportunity to have the bill passed. The Senate [...]

The Obama administration says it has sent a fourth bill to BP and other parties seeking $99.7 billion for costs related to the response and cleanup of the Gulf oil spill. The administration says three earlier bills, totaling $122.2 million, have been paid in full.