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Cat Goes for a Ride ?I parked there and in a minute or two a cat appeared on my hood. Well, ok, its fine. Then in a few moments some other little creatures joined the first one?. Then what? Then see inside what. The title should give you a clue.more… Got Master Degree? Now Flee [...]

The Strangest Weapons of WWI Strangest Weapons of WWImore… Genius Guys Fixed Things Like No One Stupidly Genius Guys Fixed Things Like No One Ever Did more… 21 Awesome Illusions That May Make Your Brain Explode There are many optical illusions, both natural and man-made, that can trick your brain? every time. Optical illusions can [...]

10 Animals You Didn?t Know That Exists! We introduce you 10 new strangest species and it is not the complete list.more… Top 30 Ways to Brutally Fail at a Stunt Regardless of the fact such moments make us lose faith in humanity?s future, when we witness an embarrassingly stupid attempt at a stunt which results [...]

Awesome Futuristic Devices That Already Exist Really cool devices.more… 10 Most Expensive Cars In The World Are These Cars Really Worth The Prices?more… Unbelievably Dangerous KNIFE TRICK Please don’t try at home. He have been practicing for years!! more… Representative Hit by a Ball Representative Hit by a Ballmore… Kids Read To Cats In Adorable [...]

19 Unbelievable Makeup Transformations: Russian Edition Now we know why Russian Women are called snazzy chicks with a lot of makeup on. We can understand why makeup has become their best friend now. It can change their average face into a fragrant beautiful and snazzy face. The dramatic change is extraordinarymore… 30 Unbelievable City Names [...]

What Would You Do Teen Goes To Grat Lengths To Retrieve Dropped Cellphonemore… Lamborghini Crash in London The unfortunate moment of impact between a Lamborghini Aventador and two other cars on Sloane Street in London.more… Nature Is Awesome Amazing. Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminummore… CARJACKER STEALS A KID AND THE CAR AS [...]

Life Hacks That Could Make Your Life Easier Life hacks are all about making life easier.more… SMART ASS KITTY FIGURES OUT HOW TO PICK THE LOCK ON HIS CAGE He is now sought by Interpol for 6 bank safe robberies throughout Europemore… Awesome Couples Halloween Costumes Dressing up is one of the best parts of [...]

Lady Transforms In 5 Seconds Amazing Time-Lapse Video Showing A Woman Going From 222 lbs To 134 lbsmore… Awesome Camera Ball Takes 360-Degree Photos When You Throw It Always wanted an easier way to capture 360-degree photos without having to resort to post-production software like Photoshop?more… Cars of the Russian Militia Cars of Russian militiamore… [...]

Awesome Mirror Art Super comfortable dress for Girlsmore… Crazy Building in Germany [video] In his photo series ?NHDK,? photographer Víctor Enrich used digital wizardry to create 88 different versions of the NH München Deutscher Kaiser hotel in Münich.more… Snow Blankets Egypt for First Time in More Than 100 Years The Middle East was hit with [...]

World’s Longest Wooden Sculpture The world’s longest wooden sculpture measures this 40 -feet (12.286 meters) in length.more… Awesome Russian Houses So cool old houses of Russiamore… Artem, the Man and the Monument Do you think it’s ugly?more… Weirdest and Rarest Fish Caught for the Second Time Ever! The fish is so rare that it took [...]