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Project Flake Supercar Project Flake was basically conceived from an idea to create a futuristic car that is more like a living, breathing creature, rather than a machine.more… 20 Funniest Celebrity Quotes That Will Make You Laugh Take a look of these celebrity quotes. I am sure after seeing these you can’t stop laughing. LOLmore… [...]

Awesome Father’s Day Gift Guide

Posted: 9th June 2015 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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Dad helped bring you into the world, so the least you can do is get him something awesome for Father’s Day. We’ve picked some of our favorite items he’s sure to love. Gift Guide sponsored by Tile – the helpful way to find anything. Link The Awesomer

What if Video Games Were More Realistic? They would look like this..more… 35 Awesome Cakes That Look Too Good To Be Consumed Some of these fantastic cakes deserve to be considered as works of art and it would be a shame to eat them.more… Wahroonga House by Darren Campbell Architect Located in the leafy northern [...]

Awesome Taco Toaster Nostalgia Electronics’ Taco Toaster lets you make a crispy hard taco shell using standard tortillas that can be found at any local market.more… Where Old NYC Subway Cars Go New York City’s subway system is currently the world’s sixth busiest, with 1.6-billion annual passenger rides.more… Starbucks Espresso Infographic Advertising take a look [...]

Weird Male Fashion Craziness in male fashionmore… Naughty Dogs 17 Pics of the naughties dogs you’ve ever seenmore… Awesome Batmobile Stroller There’s a new hit show on television, and it’s called "Super-Fan Builds".more… Roman Atwood Fills His House with Plastic Balls Crazy plastic ball prank.more… Funny Old Man Kicks a Venomous Snake A beautiful Eastern [...]

9 Awesome Liquor Cabinets For Your Modern Bachelor Pad Once you reach a certain stage of your alcoholic life, you need a place to keep all your liquor as opposed to just a brown paper bag. That means it?s time to acquire a liquor cabinet. It can be either one you make yourself or one [...]

The Strongest Animals in the World The top two strongest living things are beetles (yes?beetles!) and the strongest mammal is a gorilla. Which other animals are the strongest on Earth? Take a look at this list, and consider which creatures you would not want to go head to head with.more… 30 Reasons Why Halloween Was [...]

Russian Propaganda is TOUGH …both to watch and to comprehend sometimesmore… Awesome Sausage for Cutting Vinyl Records The sausage-like sculpture resembles a giant salamimore… Because Screw You Police! That’s Why! Be careful on the road (just sixteen seconds)more… Coin Wishing Trees? Coin wishing trees? Coin wishing trees? more… These Are Not Aliens Photographer Suren Manevlyan [...]

Cat Goes for a Ride ?I parked there and in a minute or two a cat appeared on my hood. Well, ok, its fine. Then in a few moments some other little creatures joined the first one?. Then what? Then see inside what. The title should give you a clue.more… Got Master Degree? Now Flee [...]

The Strangest Weapons of WWI Strangest Weapons of WWImore… Genius Guys Fixed Things Like No One Stupidly Genius Guys Fixed Things Like No One Ever Did more… 21 Awesome Illusions That May Make Your Brain Explode There are many optical illusions, both natural and man-made, that can trick your brain? every time. Optical illusions can [...]

10 Animals You Didn?t Know That Exists! We introduce you 10 new strangest species and it is not the complete list.more… Top 30 Ways to Brutally Fail at a Stunt Regardless of the fact such moments make us lose faith in humanity?s future, when we witness an embarrassingly stupid attempt at a stunt which results [...]