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Why You Fail at ONLINE DATING Why you fail at online datingmore… Best Sites to Find Russian Women Best sites to find russian womanmore… Top 10 Safest Cities in Asia 2015 Ensuring urban security is a challenge for authorities worldwide. According to the Economist Safe Cities Index 2015, these are the top 10 safest cities [...]

The “Limitless” Pill is Real!!! Everyone is seeking for an edge and if there is one quality of an individual needs to achieve this is intelligence. Fist widely introduced to the public as an intelligence enhancing pill is in the movie "Limitless", the pill is called Donepezil.more… 15 Most Tallest Buildings In Asia From the [...]

Even Lazy People Become Millionaires In 90 Days! The secret is free for you!more… Singapore Rich Girl Club Opens Doors To New Members! If you want to live the rich, …more… Millionaires From Asia Are Trying To Ban This Video Watch their biggest secret …more… ADULT SWIM ID ? EVOLVING THOUGHTS… 8 Sweetest Things [...]

27 Odd Things That You Will Only Found In Asia If you visit Asia, you will see available stuff like these. Totally Weird.more… 15 Hilarious Celebrity Banter Names Who knew some changes of celebrity names could be so much fun? Check out these celebrity pun names. Hilarious !more… Fails Happen Everywhere Fails seem to happen [...]

RocketSkates: Modern Retro RocketSkates are retro, "back to the future" style, motorized roller skates that you strap over your shoes and ride at speeds up to 12mph! The smart electric skates are remote-free, simply lean forward to accelerate and tilt back on your heal tomore… Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Asia Here is the list [...]

6 Pets You Can Eat in Asia

Posted: 11th June 2010 by Sus Scrofa in Lifestyle, Oddly Enough
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People in the West are accustomed to thinking of two kinds of animals – the ones you love and the ones you eat. However, this distinction does not cross over to the East, where most of the animals Westerners love are served for dinner. Check out our rundown of the six freakiest dinners that give [...]

21st Century’s Longest Solar Eclipse

Posted: 20th July 2009 by Sus Scrofa in Mother Nature
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A swath starting in India and crossing Shanghai to southern Japan will be plunged into darkness for about five minutes Wednesday in the longest total solar eclipse that will happen this century.

North Korea has fired two more missiles, hours after the UN Security Council unanimously condemned its nuclear test, South Korean reports say. The communist state fired two short-range missiles off an east coast base, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported, citing an official. The move came as UN diplomats began work on a resolution to [...]

Nobody won. That is the only conclusion that can be drawn from the chaotic events in Thailand over the past few days. Certainly not the red-shirted United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), whose attempted uprising degenerated into a series of chaotic clashes with the army that left a wake of destruction on the streets [...]

New “secondary” forests are emerging in Latin America, Asia and other tropical regions at such a fast pace that the trend has set off a serious debate about whether saving primeval rain forest – an iconic environmental cause – may be less urgent than once thought. By one estimate, for every half a hectare of [...]