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21 Awesome Soldiers Doing What Soldiers Do-Sometimes Life Of A Soldier Is Demanding But Sometimes It’s A Little Lessmore… Top 10 Building Demolitions Gone Horribly Wrong Demolishing Entire Buildings Is Not An Exact Science As Proven By These Horrific 10 Building Demolishing Failsmore… Driver Crashes After Trying to Cut Off Another Car Bad drivers are [...]

9 Awesome Liquor Cabinets For Your Modern Bachelor Pad Once you reach a certain stage of your alcoholic life, you need a place to keep all your liquor as opposed to just a brown paper bag. That means it?s time to acquire a liquor cabinet. It can be either one you make yourself or one [...]

Shocking Moment Woman Jumps out of a Car Grabs Another Driver by Her Hair This shocking moment shows how a woman grabbed an innocent motorist by the hair and violently assaulted her in the street in the middle of the day after a road rage row over parking.more… Action Mobil Global XRS 7200 Expedition Vehicle [...]

Incredible Art Exhibition to complement six important recent sculptures, the show also includes three pieces produced especially for the event ? two teenagers in the street, a mother and baby and an elderly couple on the beach.more… Another 10 Bizarre World Records If you thought the first ten records were bizarre, wait until you see [...]