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The music business has finally come to terms with file-sharing, according to executives at the Midem conference in Cannes. But now they have a different problem.

Millions upon millions of fans are spreading music around the world, and the people who made and own it don’t see a dime. A vast 95% of all digital music comes from unlicensed sources, according to a recent estimate from the global trade body the IFPI. The Recording Industry Association of America, which represents US labels, has traditionally been the most aggressive in chasing file-sharers.

But it has just announced that it will no longer sue suspected offenders.

Digital rights management (DRM) – the lock placed on a track to attempt to stop you from sharing it – was once the central tool in the fight against “piracy”. But now Apple is removing DRM from iTunes, the leading download store, marking a resounding defeat in that particular battle.

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Obama Inauguration

President-elect Obama and President Bush have arrived on Capitol Hill for Obama’s swearing-in. Former presidents, members of Congress and other leaders are joining an estimated 2 million supporters gathered to watch Obama take the oath of office at noon. “This is America happening,” said Evadey Minott, of New York. Full Story

How about some Change? Maybe not that much change. I wonder if the President has these? If so buy them at Miblox.

Zimbabwe unveils 100 trillion dollar note ...

Zimbabwe will introduce a 100 trillion dollar note, in its latest attempt to keep pace with hyperinflation that has left its once-vibrant economy in tatters, state media said Friday.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is introducing three other notes in trillion-dollar denominations of 10, 20 and 50, the government mouthpiece Herald newspaper said.

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Former world player of the year Kaka has rejected a world record transfer move to Premier League Manchester City and decided to stay with AC Milan.

Kaka opted to stay with AC Milan despite the riches on offer.

The Brazilian superstar was set to earn $750,000 per week with City, who were reported to be willing to pay a staggering $147 million to acquire his services.

Interviewed on Italian TV’s Sky Italia, Berlusconi confirmed that Milan had offered Kaka the chance to “make himself a fortune, but he has higher values. He is staying with us, there are things which are more important than money, we are happy.”

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Kaka’s church coincidentally collapsed the day before he decided not to be greedy. Was this the deciding factor in his decision making process? Kaka is known for being a very religious individual, a born again Christian, he got married in this same church and donated his FIFA 2007 World Player of the Year trophy to the church.

Kaka’s church collapses

This Video is decent but contains awful music – so BEWARE!!

He is destined to be labeled a Child Predator, Sexually Violent Child Predator for the rest of his life.. Level 3 and Very Dangerous…just for doing what he had seen done on television every day of his life…

His “offense” took place when he was 11. He is now 16 and looking at being put on the public registry when he turns 18, along with his picture. Under our new legislation he will not be allowed to petition to be released from his registration responsibilities, because he doesn’t qualify. His parents have had him evaluated 4 times, by 4 different professionals and every single one has determined that he is a very, very LOW risk to re-offend. Doesn’t matter…he will wear the label of sexual predator until he is at least 37 years old.

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Miss USA 1991 Kelli McCarty starred on the NBC (?) soap opera “Passions” for seven years, but has now made the lateral move to MILF Porn.  Yaaay, you did it!  Kelli McCarty is now a slutty Vivd Girl.  I guess the recession has effected us all,  maybe that’s an industry other unemployed people should consider.  Click here for the Nasty

Happy Martin Luther King Day

Read his history here.

Infections of a worm that spreads through low security networks, memory sticks, and PCs without the latest security updates is “skyrocketing”.

The malicious program, known as Conficker, Downadup, or Kido was first discovered in October 2008. Anti-virus firm F-Secure estimates there are now 8.9m machines infected.

Experts warn this figure could be far higher and say users should have up-to-date anti-virus software and install Microsoft’s MS08-067 patch.

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