Be afraid! The Prodigy, the British dance band who swept the world with their violent lyrics, scary videos and techno-punk style a decade ago are back with a bang.

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Singer Chris Brown was arrested and charged with making criminal threats on Sunday for an early morning attack on an unidentified woman widely thought to be his girlfriend, pop star Rihanna.

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Here is the complete list of winners as they are announced…

An 18-year-old male student from Wisconsin has been accused of posing as a female on Facebook in a plot to trick at least 31 male classmates into sending nude pictures of themselves and then using the images to blackmail them into performing sex acts.

Anthony Stancl of New Berlin was charged Wednesday with five counts of child enticement, two counts of second-degree sexual assault of a child, two counts of third-degree sexual assault, possession of child pornography, repeated sexual assault of the same child, and making a bomb threat. He faces a maximum sentence of 293 years in prison if convicted.

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US President Barack Obama’s envoy to Afghanistan has said that winning the conflict there will be “much tougher” than in Iraq. Richard Holbrooke told a conference in Munich: “I have never seen anything like the mess we have inherited.”

He warned Afghanistan was likely to get harder before things improved and called for a future change in tactics. In future US forces would live and work more closely with ordinary Afghans. More effort would be made to promote local reconciliation and good government, the general added.

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At sixteen, the criminal mind is not fully functional. An escape plan includes making a getaway. Hiding in the unlocked car of a judge was not a wise career choice.

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Homelessness is not a laughing matter. On the streets of every city and town in America, we find those who are much less fortunate than we are. Some are mentally disabled, and others have suffered immense financial hardships. With that in mind, there are a select few homeless who have a point to advertise themselves in creative and hysterical ways. These homeless are worth checking out, as they somehow find a way to remain chipper and candid, even in the worst of life conditions.

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The death toll from bush fires in southern Australia has reached at least 93, the worst in the country’s history. Thousands of firefighters, aided by the army, are battling several major fires, and the number of dead is expected to rise as fires are put out. Arsonists responsible for lighting the fires could be charged with murder, police have said.

Entire towns in Victoria state were destroyed as fires were fanned by extreme temperatures and wind. Witnesses described seeing walls of flames four storeys high, trees exploding and the skies raining ash, as fires tore across 30,000 hectares (115 sq miles) of forests, farmland and towns.

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Men were freed after signing pledges not to engage in terrorism.

SAN’A, YemenYemen released 170 men it had arrested on suspicion of having ties to al-Qaida, security officials said Sunday, two weeks after the terror group announced that Yemen had become the base of its activities for the whole Arabian peninsula. The announcement also comes as government forces say they are poised to sweep through the northern city of Marib to combat an entrenched al-Qaida presence that includes both Yemenis and Saudis.

On Saturday, Saudi Arabia issued a list of 85 most wanted living abroad that included two Yemenis. Many of the Saudis on the list are suspected of hiding out in Yemen as well.

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Maybe Kanye misspoke when he said he wanted to be more famous than Elvis.  Judging by his new “Sgt. Pepper’s” look, he may have a different impossible goal in mind.  No word on the lady whispering in his ear at the My House nightclub in Hollywood, but hopefully she’s not telling him about the band Kiss.

Is this guy not in jail yet?