Michelle Malkin poses with Swastika Guy

That’s noted right-wing shill Michelle Malkin posing with who we’ve dubbed “Swastika Guy,” owing to the sign he carried right onto the stage with State Senator Josh Penry, Congressman Mike Coffman, Colorado GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams, State Senator Dave Schultheis, former Congressman Tom Tancredo, and Independence Institute president Jon Caldara, among others. None of whom did anything about it, and in fact one person defended the guy to one of our people saying that the swastika is not a Nazi symbol, but an honored Native American symbol.

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DETROIT (Reuters) – General Motors Corp and Chrysler LLC requested nearly $22 billion in additional U.S. government loans and said they had reached tentative deals with the United Auto Workers union to reduce labor costs. The two automakers, which have so far received $17.4 billion in loans from the U.S. Treasury, also detailed plans to cut jobs and idle plants as part of sweeping restructuring plans submitted under the terms of their federal bailout.

GM said it was making progress on complex deals to reduce some $48 billion in debt owed to bondholders and the United Auto Workers union but had fallen short of an initial requirement to complete those agreements by Tuesday’s deadline for submitting the plans to U.S. officials. “The president’s team will be reviewing these reports closely in the days ahead,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said in a statement. “It is clear that going forward, more will be required from everyone involved.”

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In light of recent reports regarding Chris Brown’s attack on Rihanna, Anthony Geisler, President of LA Boxing has reportedly sent a letter Chris Brown’s manager challenging him to a fight so he can “see what it’s like to face a real opponent.” Anthony has even started a “I Want To Fight Chris BrownFacebook group….

monkey in the middle

This cartoon which appears in today’s NY Post depicts  a national news story which made headlines yesterday about the cop who shot and killed a rampaging chimp in Connecticut.  But the cops in the comic make a joke about the economic stimulus bill, which as you know is being pushed through by President Barack Obama.  Here’s what Al Sharpton had to say in a statement released this morning:

“The cartoon in today’s New York Post is troubling at best given the historic racist attacks of African-Americans as being synonymous with monkeys. One has to question whether the cartoonist is making a less than casual reference to this when in the cartoon they have police saying after shooting a chimpanzee that “Now they will have to find someone else to write the stimulus bill.”  Being that the stimulus bill has been the first legislative victory of President Barack Obama (the first African American president) and has become synonymous with him it is not a reach to wonder are they inferring that a monkey wrote the last bill?”

Is this comic racist…you tell us!

An odd, greenish backward-flying comet is zipping by Earth this month, as it takes its only trip toward the sun from the farthest edges of the solar system.


The comet is called Lulin, and there’s a chance it can be seen with the naked eye – far from city lights, astronomers say. But you’ll most likely need a telescope, or at least binoculars, to spot it. The best opportunity is just before dawn one-third of the way up the southern sky. It should be near Saturn and two bright stars, Spica and Regula.

While all the planets and most of the other objects in the solar system circle the sun counterclockwise, Lulin circles clockwise, said NASA astronomer Stephen Edberg. And thanks to an optical illusion, from Earth it appears as if the comet’s tail is in the front as the comet approaches Earth and the sun.

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Critics say the freedom to criticize Islam in Europe has been put in jeopardy after Dutch politician Geert Wilders was banned last week from entering Britain because of his attacks on Islam.


But while the controversial politician may have failed to enter the United Kingdom, the Dutch public has rallied around Wilders, and support for his party has exploded.

Wilders, like him or not, has a two fold mission. One is to sound the alarm bells about the spread of Islam in Europe, and the other is to show how far he thinks western governments have gone in appeasing radical Islam.

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The NBA All-Star Weekend seemed extra special this year for some reason. There are tons of exciting video on the web. Here is one you might have missed.



If you missed Shaq dancing with the Jabawakees, or Dwight Howard and Nate Robinson Slam Dunk Show Down, or the Opening Ceremony as a whole, I highly recommend to any NBA fan. They are all on YouTube.


SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) - Tour de France legend Lance Armstrong is calling on legions of Twitter users to track down a one-of-a-kind bicycle stolen from a northern California racing venue.

Armstrong sent out a rallying cry to the more than 128,000 Twitter members who have signed up to receive the brieftext messages he routinely fires off on the popular micro-blogging service.

“Whoa! They just came to my room and said our truck was broken into and someone stole my time trial bike!” Armstrong wrote in a Twitter message sent before sunrise on Sunday. “APB out to the twitterati.”

Complete Craziness


Texan billionaire and cricket promoter Sir Allen Stanford has been charged over a $8bn (£5.6bn) investment fraud, US financial regulators say. The Securities and Exchange Commission said the financier had orchestrated “a fraudulent, multi-billion dollar investment scheme”. The SEC said the fraud was “based on false promises and fabricated historical return data”.

English cricket bosses have pulled out of sponsorship talks with Sir Allen. The charges against Sir Allen, three of his companies and two executives of those companies followed a raid by US marshalls on the Houston, Texas, offices of Stanford Financial Group.

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DALLAS – The fireball that streaked across the sky and alarmed numerous Texas residents was likely just a big meteor and not wreckage from colliding satellites, experts said Monday.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the fireball appeared to be a natural phenomenon, and a University of North Texas astronomer said more specifically that it was probably a pickup truck-sized meteor with the consistency of concrete.

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