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TOKYO (AP) — An outspoken nationalist mayor said the Japanese military’s forced prostitution of Asian women before and during World War II was necessary to “maintain discipline” in the ranks and provide rest for soldiers who risked their lives in battle. Damn I thought the Japanese was supposed to be all about discipline, you cant keep [...]

NKorea urges foreigners to vacate South Korea, says nuclear war imminent. PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — North Korea on Tuesday urged all foreign companies and tourists in South Korea to evacuate, saying the two countries are on the verge of a nuclear war. The new threat appeared to be an attempt to scare foreigners into pressing their governments to [...]

North Korea has submitted yet another entry to its ongoing propaganda film festival. Hey North Korea F@#K You, and only in your F@#King dreams! Leave your Comment.

South Korea to retaliate if North Korea shoots at them again.  Two Marines and two South Koreans all readly dead.   Could be the start of a full scale War. Stupid North Koreans were not gonna let you hurt our buddies to the south, besides  China doesn’t even want to back you anymore, they know [...]

Pyongyang follows through on two promises as thousands of troops kick off fresh military drills in the South. Damn make peace not war.  Unless they keep backing us in the corner then we gonna bite. Leave your Comment.