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Clearly, the dude in the black car has been playing way too much Grand Theft Auto V. Watch as the cab driver gets angry and eventually smacks the black car with a weapon which causes the driver to completely panic and drive into a whole bunch of other cars in his attempt to flee. Really, stick [...]

Walmart has said that it has resolved an issue that was causing an online frenzy among shoppers. An apparent glitch on the company’s website early this morning led to $8.85 listings for items that included computer monitors and projectors normally worth hundreds of dollars. The country’s largest retailer was selling a 24-inch high-definition Viewsonic computer monitor, an [...]

Mythbusters’ special Breaking Bad episode saw series creator Littlefinger Vince Gilligan and star Aaron Paul hang out with Adam and Jamie to test a couple of Walt’s tricks from the show. Yeah Science! – See more at: Leave your Comment…

We don’t know how this happened, because as soon as this video starts we immediately see an unlucky diver stuck in a Soviet Russian joke: a monkfish caught him. Fortunately he was able to get free from its massive mouth. – See more at: Leave your Comment…

Here is a small collection of top rated alien and UFO documentaries for you to watch during World UFO day. We’ve collected the best for you to watch for free online. Do you know a documentary or documentaries that must be seen on this subject? Mail us at The rest at Leave your [...]

The marketers who work for Domino’s Pizza in Brazil must know that when selling pizzas, the nose can be a powerful ally. Domino’s in Brazil partnered with 10 DVD-rental stores to rent discs that, when played in a DVD player, come out smelling like a pizza, reports. As the movie plays, the customer is apparently [...]

By using a Spyder III Krypton green laser beam to light strips of flash paper set into bottles with a small amount of alcohol in them, WorldScottputs on not only a cool, but short pyrotechnics show, but plays a little tune. Leave your comment.

North Korea has submitted yet another entry to its ongoing propaganda film festival. Hey North Korea F@#K You, and only in your F@#King dreams! Leave your Comment.

A can of spray-on non-flammable liquid that temporarily renders paper translucent, letting you see what’s underneath. The effect lasts up to 30 seconds and leaves no mark. Mother Fucker, so that’s where my birthday money went. Leave your Comment

Herbie is a puppet cop who is tired of being treated like a joke by the human officers on the police force. Leave your Comment.

Most of us can handle assembling a simple sandwich. But most of us are not in space. Leave Your Comment.