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Rapper T.I. Sentenced to One Year in Prison

Posted: 27th March 2009 by Sus Scrofa in Randomness
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A judge sentenced Rapper T.I. to one year and a day behind bars on federal weapons charges on Friday. Continue Here

So, if the long, heroic effort to elect federal legislators has failed, does there remain any governmental Horatius who can stand in the gap; who can lead the Battle for America and restore the Constitution? There is. Lock and load, mount up and prepare for the return of the sheriff. Here comes Sheriff Richard Mack, [...]

The Obama administration plans to send more agents and equipment to the southwestern border to fight Mexican drug cartels and keep violence from spilling over into the United States. Complete Story…

Five Schenectady police officers recently accused of everything from driving drunk to beating up a man are leading city officials to look at taking drastic action to fix a department tainted by the few who may have acted illegally, like Darren Lawrence and Michael Brown who are accused of driving while intoxicated.  Currently, officials are [...]

OAKLAND, Calif. – An Oakland police officer shot during a traffic stop was declared brain dead on Sunday and on life support, a day after three other officers were fatally shot in what was being described as the deadliest day in the department’s history, police said. More Details Right Here

footage taken at the Peterson Automobile Museum in Los Angeles only hours before Biggie was gunned down outside.  Watch the video and see Diddy, Ginuwine, Missy Elliot, Chris Tucker, Irv Gotti and others who were in the house.

The wife of actor Liam Neeson who starred in The Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan and Made In Manhattan with Jennifer Lopez suffered a ski accident during a private skiing lesson in Canada where she hit her head.  She eventually recovered and even joked with friends about the accident – then about an hour later [...]

LOS ANGELES (AFP) – President Barack Obama is to be comedian Jay Leno‘s guest on “The Tonight Show” Thursday, the first time a sitting president has been on the late night talk show, NBC and the White House said. “It will be happening and we will send a press release shortly,” Leno’s spokeswoman, Tracy St [...]

Kanye West Gets Charged With 3 Crimes!

Posted: 18th March 2009 by Sus Scrofa in Randomness
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Kanye West and his manager Don Crowley have just been charged with a bunch of misdemeanors (ie. not really crimes for celebrities) over the classic video above when he takes a TMZ camera man’s camera and smashes it into the ground before trying to flee the scene.  Did we say classic? Kanye was charged with [...]

Your lungs may work just fine, but the estimated price for universal health care could take your breath away. Health policy experts say guaranteeing coverage for all Americans may cost about $1.5 trillion over the next decade. That would be more than double the $634 billion ‘down payment’ President Barack Obama set aside for health [...]