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Many of the animals here are former illegal house pets that are given to the zoo after outgrowing their homes. Image by Zoo De Lujan. Leave your comment.

Male bats perform oral sex on females, apparently to make sex last longer, researchers say.   These findings, the first discovery of male-to-female oral sex in bats, match prior studies revealing that female bats perform fellatio, or oral sex, on male bats. Leave your comment.

In Milan, a new kind of skyscraper is under construction. Once complete later this year, the two-building project will be covered in greenery, an effect that gives the buildings their name: Bosco Verticale, or Vertical Forest. Leave your Comment.

Volcanic lightning strikes during an eruption of Japan’s Sakurajima volcano in February 2013. Leave your Comment.

By using a Spyder III Krypton green laser beam to light strips of flash paper set into bottles with a small amount of alcohol in them, WorldScottputs on not only a cool, but short pyrotechnics show, but plays a little tune. Leave your comment.

The Gunnison sage-grouse, a bird with an unusual “bubble pop” mating call and display, could be America’s rarest bird, according to avian experts. The bird was only discovered 13 years ago, and yet it’s already nearly a goner. Today, fewer than 5,000 of these birds remain in the wild, and they are rapidly dwindling. Leave your [...]

Mico is a pair of “mind-reading” (aka biofeedback) headphones that is controlled by your brain waves. Pretty girls can always sell stuff. Leave your Comment.

Like your seafood fresh? Then it doesn’t get any fresher than the ‘Submarine Catcher’, which is basically a claw machine where you’re supposed to literally catch the lobster of your dreams. This isn’t the only brand of lobster claw machines in town, since there’s also another one that goes by ‘Lobster Zone.’ Diner Carolina Sullivan [...]

Herbie is a puppet cop who is tired of being treated like a joke by the human officers on the police force. Leave your Comment.

Stonehenge may have been built as a graveyard and venue for mass celebrations. – Leave your Comment.

Most of us can handle assembling a simple sandwich. But most of us are not in space. Leave Your Comment.