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Now starring wildly on the Internet is a tiny frog with the ability to puff up its body and produce a squealing cry that is intended to either advertise for mates or ward off potential predators.

A meteor that exploded over Russia’s Ural mountains and sent fireballs blazing to earth has set off a rush to find fragments of the space rock which hunters hope could fetch thousands of dollars a piece.

Definitely a good addition to a arcade game.

Forget all this chatter about exploding meteors and some asteroid making a dauntingly close pass to earth: There are aliens among us!

Viewers tuning into a daytime talk show in Montana get more drama than they bargained for. “DEAD BODIES ARE RISING FROM THEIR GRAVES…”

A simple game of tug-of-war ended horribly for two California high school seniors.

With the city shrouded in polluted air, recent index readings sent an alarming message.    People refused to venture outdoors and buildings disappeared into Beijing’s murky skyline on Sunday as the air quality in China’s notoriously polluted capital went off the index.

It’s the time of year when the sailing stones of Racetrack Playa in California’s Death Valley are on the move. Probably. No one has actually seen these huge rocks move along the flat, dry lake bed. But, we know they do.

Exercise Makes You Crave Money Less: Craving cash? You could always try earning it — or, according to new research, just go for a run.

“Extreme Mountain Unicycling,” creates a number of exciting and dangerous fantasies, but in reality, it’s better. These two are going to unicycle in the Dolomite mountains. Mountain unicycling is a rarity here in the States and something tells me it’s uncommon abroad as well. Stephanie and Lutz are both seasoned mountain unicyclists, and though they’re [...]

That’s the view from an obscure system of four co-orbiting stars where a gas giant planet has been found. It sets the record for the first quadruple stars system where a transiting planet – and presumably many more – is known to exist.