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I want.    HEY REEBOK IM A RUNNER,  Please Send me a pair and Ill give you a review.   Size 10.5 Reebok’s latest kicks were inspired by the treads on ATV tires, with irregular lugs that help you handle difficult terrain, rain, wind, mud and rocks. Endorsed by MMA fighter Rampage Jackson.

If you know this girl send her a loving text next time assholes. Damn people, its so easy to be awful to another person.  And you dont mind-read so you cant understand what someone is going threw at the point in time.   “Yo Rebecca Marino hope you feel better, fuck those people, and hope [...]

Definitely a good addition to a arcade game.

If the Redskins were mad about losing to the Panthers, they must be really steamed now.

Bar Fight

Posted: 29th January 2012 by Sus Scrofa in Sports

Dear Colbert Super PAC S.H.H. Elite Members (and Colbert Super PAC Coach Class), We are excited to announce the latest ad from Colbert Super PAC, made possible with a generous donation from Colbert Super PAC S.H.H. (which is not publically affiliated with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban). The ad, “Foul Balls,” takes on the greedy [...]

Disappointed is not a strong enough word. Disgusted, maybe. Even repulsed has a nice ring to it. I can’t believe what I saw tonight and I feel sorry for the people who paid big bucks to witness this fiasco. Not to mention the bettors who actually thought they had a fair shot at an Ortiz [...]

Roddick flips out at the US Open

Posted: 8th September 2011 by Sus Scrofa in Sports