13 Strange Facts That You Didn’t Learn In School
Some cool shit to learn while you’re at work

Bikers Attack Motorist And Get A Serving Of Insta-Karma
The aggressive bikers were harassing a motorist, including not letting him get around them and even eventually attacking. He retaliated and served up some swift payback.

16 Harsh Examples of Expectation Vs. Reality
Not everything will live up to your hopes and dreams.

This Is How They’re Testing For Weed DUI’s
In states where marijuana is now legal, law enforcement are having to figure out how to do field tests for marijuana intoxication.

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s . . Oh Damn
That’s gotta hurt.

20 Surprising Facts That Will Shock You
A collection of astonishing facts.

Brits Doing An American Accent
Ever wonder what Americans sound like to our friends over in England?

Worst Prank Ever
The fail of fails.

Cat Welcomes Home His Soldier
Dogs aren’t the only ones excited when their owners come home!

Picking Up Girls In A Lamborghini Without Talking
A super car is an amazing chick magnet!!

25 Weird Girlfriends That Are Definite Wife Material
The kind of girl you marry.

Proof That Racism Is Taught
My son Tyler was absent from school for a week. This is how he was welcomed on his first day back to School. Proof that racism is taught. We can learn from our children

Instant Karma For Wannabe Tough Guy Biker
Instant Karma For Wannabe Tough

Rock Band Recital Fail
That awkward moment when the keyboard comes in…

23 Tidy Facts For You To Enjoy
Fill your mind-gun with bullets… of knowledge.

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