29 Fresh Memes That Are As Funny As They Are Mean
Kick off the weekend with these humorous snapchats.

22 Pieces Of Next Level Fan Art
A dose of nostalgia combined with badass tributes to our favorite characters.

100 Best Inspirational Cancer Quotes for Cancer Patients
We know that cancer isn?t all rainbow and butterflies and once you enter a dark mindset, it can be hard to get out of it. Think positive and be optimistic and read Best Inspirational Cancer Quotes, Cancer Survivor Quotes, Quotes About Cancer to help you

20+ Romantic Good Night Quotes and Messages for Boyfriend
The night has come and it?s time to say good night to your beloved one. These good night quotes are full of love, fun, romance, and naughty, which your lover will certainly love to receive from you as a sweet good night greetings.

Guy Proudly Displays New Fence He Built To Keep Dog In
Let’s see if Stella likes it.

33 Great Pics to Improve Your Mood
A fresh batch of random greatness to make your day awesome!

When Texting the Wrong Person Goes Right for a Change (pics)
It?s not everyday you get a text from a random person that actually ends up being a pleasant experience. Case in point: this proud mother who sent a mass text about a new addition to her family. She unknowingly included a number that didn?t belong in

Clever Men/women Bathroom Signs That?ll Make You Smile (35 Pics)
Several restaurants and bars went the extra mile to entertain their customers with amusing bathroom signs. Sometimes it?s the small things in life that make all the difference. Enjoy!

The Sound of 6000 Matches Being Lit is Incredibly Pleasant
Ever wonder what would happen if you lit 6000 matches at once? Spoiler: a beautiful fire hazard. Let?s start by saying I in no way advocate watching all 15 minutes of this video. Skip around. Unless you are just really, and I mean really, into watching

Instant Karma For Show Off In Daddy’s Porsche!
Can’t even keep it on the road!

The Last Prisons You’d Ever Want To Find Yourself In
If your going to get arrested just make sure its not in one of these countries.

15 Things You Have Been Doing Wrong All Along
Learn how to use everyday products the right way.

Shirtless Troublemaker Gets Dealt With On The Subway
This wannabe badass is no match for a sleeper hold.

15 Facebook Fails That Deserve An Award
The scary part is these people are among us!

The Top 10 Ballsiest Cons Pulled off by Teens
Some kids have bigger ambitions than others.

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