21 Smart Facts To Fill Your Mind Gun With Bullets
There is something that school couldn’t teach you. Happy weekend with this tidy facts. Enjoy.

27 Worst Tattoos You Have Ever Seen
How to find out stupid people! You can choose from here. These people are stupid as their tattoos.

Photoshop Editing Battles on Photos of Squirrels Fighting
squirrels fighting Man, we can never get enough of these Photoshop battles on Reddit! Up today; these two squirrels fighting.

Yoko Ono Rushed to A New York Hospital on Friday Evening
Yoko Ono, the widow of the famous ex-Beatle John Lennon, was brought to the hospital but not because of a stroke contrary to rumors.

Another Reunion! 7th Heaven Cast Come Together at Jessica Biel’s New Resto.
Warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling.

Mobile Phone Theft in London
Be careful on your mobile phone in London.

Elephant Goes on Rampage During Holy Festival
An elephant taking part in holy festivities at the Bhagavathi Temple in Pulappatta in the south Indian state of Kerala, turned against the occasion and went on a wild rampage.

Have a Nice Day <3
Hello Sunday! What will you do today? First, build the habit of reading quotes each day to feel great. If it?s difficult, ddquotes are available to help you. Now, feed your soul with Quotes of the day ? February 28, 2016, and then feed your body with

Dump Truck Plows Through Intersection
Dump truck lost brakes on hill and took out multiple cars through the intersection.

News Reporter Keeps Talking As Snot Drips from Her Nose
A news reporter had a day to forget when a huge ball of snot dripped from her nose live on air.

High-End Gaming PC Disguised As a ’90s Computer
At first glance, this appears to be a ’90s computer, but open up the case, and you’ll discover it’s actually a high-end gaming rig, created by Reddit user "Gilmour509".

LED-Based “Li-Fi” is 100-Times Faster Than Wi-Fi
Soon, you’ll be able to browse the web, surf, work, etc. at 100-times the speed of Wi-Fi, thanks to Li-Fi technology. French start-up Oledcomm created this technology, based on the properties of LED lights flickering, and tests have found that it can tran

Transparent Bubble Tent is Perfect for Stargazing
The Bubble Tent is essentially a transparent outdoor shelter, rugged enough for any season, and perfect for stargazing on a clear night’s sky.

ICONA Vulcano is World’s First Titanium Supercar
Drawing inspiration from the SR-71 Blackbird, the ICONA Vulcano is touted as the "world’s first titanium supercar".

He Born with a Heart-shaped Birthmark on Her Forehead
Poppy-Rae is a baby girl who was born at Pilgrim Hospital, Lincolnshire, in November last year

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