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This Rescued Two-Year-Old Boy Was Abandoned By Parents For Being A ?Witch?. Watch His Recovery.
Anja Ringgren Lové is an incredible aid worker who managed to rescue a 2-year-old child, abandoned over fears of being a witch in Uyo, Nigeria.

ArcaBoard: A Hoverboard That Actually Works
So Back to the Future was telling the truth! We really will be hopping on our hoverboards for the daily commute. Well maybe if we had $ 14,900, and our commute was just 6 minutes.

World?s First Single Foot Skate
The Rockit Skate combines combines rollerskates, scooters and skateboards into one shoe

Age is Just a Number ? Rock Climbing at 84
The ?Gamma Group? climb together regularly and show no sign of giving up the sport they love. #Awesome right?

Gallery: Underwater Photographer of the Year 2016
Italian photographer Davide Lopresti has been named Underwater photographer of the year 2016 for his stunning seahorse image titled Gold.

Watch How Life Completely Changed For A Dog Who Turned To Stone
The recovery story of a stray dog who was found in Athens, Greece, with a face that had completely hardened.

The Best Pics Of Month Part 2
The Best Pics Of Month Part 2 !

The Best Pics Of The Month
The Best Pics Of The Month!!

Collection of the Week !!!
collection of the week

33 Daily Photos
daily photos

Funny Pics of the Week !!!
funny pics of the week

Funny Daily Pics !!!
funny daily pics

the Afternoon Break Part 19
the afternoon break part 19 !!

the Afternoon Break Part 18
the afternoon break part 18!
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