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funny sunday pics ..

Welcome to the Internet
Welcome to the Internet funny pics

Daily WTF: This is My Monday
This is My Monday.

24 Most Weirdest Mailboxes You Have Ever Seen
In our daily life mail boxes plays an important role. We get our important letter through it. But who loves to see same thing daily! That’s why these people make their mail boxes in different ways. Something very strange and funny. Check out these funnies

18 Most Hilarious Auto Correction Fails
Auto correction helping us by correcting grammar while chatting. No doubt that, the inventors of this service are really genius. On the other side, the inventors are absolutely stupid because of their ridiculous auto-correct fails. Sometime auto correctio

Dirty Car Window Art Pictures
Dirty Car Window Art

How Real Men Should Look
According to Fashion Designers

Truck with Burning Cargo Passes Through Toll Gate
This surveillance video shows a truck passing a toll station with burning cargo.

Super Bus in Dubai 2016
Amazing transportation system in dubai

Contour Training on Your Torso
Many ladies are fantasizing to have a small waist and curvy hips that can lure thousands of men. The popularity of corsets or waist shapewear can benefit women to have a privilege of 13 inches to 21 inch waist in an instant.

10 Most Creepy Videos: You Won?t Believe in Your Own Eyes While Watching Those
This 10 below video footages will amaze you for sure, probably you didn?t know about these video before either you will not believe all of those.

Rio Celeste or The Blue River Will Take Your Breath Away
Rio Celeste or The Blue River is located in Tenorio Volcano National Park of Costa Rica. Two smaller rivers, the Sour Creek and the Good View River formed the blue river.

10 Extremely Weird Diet of Celebrities to Lose Weight
Celebrities are like inspiration for people. The life they lead are always followed by their fans. The fans think of their wearing, lifestyle and habits.

Who Were You In Your Past Life According To What You Saw First?
It?s all in your subconscious

Reverie is a Tamil Sci Fi Short Movie Written & Directed by Robert Runcie, With Cinematography by Ameen. Editing By Amuthan, Music tracks by Sudarshan Lingam and SFX and Color Grading are by Robert Runcie.
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