22 Pictures Of Natural Rock Formations That Totally Look Man-Made
Nature is amazing, but sometimes we forget how truly powerful its beauty can be. With wind and rain can come some of the most awe-inspiring sights; things we could not even conceive of.

16 Hilariously Differences Between Men And Women
Since time began, philosophers, poets and Cosmo magazine copy editors have been keenly observing the subtle but often vast differences between the two genders.

?We can do that better, all we need is a little vodka and caviar…?

10 Gorgeous Playboy Playmates Who Were Involved in Crime
When you think about Playboy Playmates, your mind wanders to some of the most stunningly beautiful women the world has ever known.

10 of the Worst Riots in Human History
Riots are some of the worst things that can happen to a community as it sees huge amounts of violence taking place in a short amount of time.

VertiGo Robot Defies Gravity And Climbs Up Walls
These days, robotic cars that can flat out climb walls will soon become the norm.

What Happens When You Mix Coca Cola with Bleach?
Bleach is so powerful that it strips darkness away.

30 Funniest Urinals You Have Ever Seen
I am pretty sure that you can not pee in these strange urinals. But the designer of these strange urinals are too much smart.

21 Surreal Images That Will Hurt Your Imagination
Why you wasting your time by trying to give a logical explanation for everything? Okay, sometimes this is essential for survival, but on the others time … It’s better not to look for "five-legged cat". No need to go far to realize that, as hum

Woman Posts Make Up Tutorial Though She’s Paralyzed
See the transformation for yourself? and I don’t just mean the physical one. Please SHARE this truly inspiring video with your friends on Facebook!

12 Amazing Pictures from National Geographic
National Geographic just announced the 2015 winners for its prestigious photo contest.

Dual Cougar Attack in American Woods
Donny Stone was walking through the woods in Northern Alberta when he saw two cougars crossing his path in front of him.

Landing on World’s Shortest Commercial Runway
Pilots must have special training to land here.

10 of The Richest Children in the World
They say that age is just a number, and a host of wiz kids are proving this rule to be right. The age to attain success is quickly dropping, and some children are climbing their way up the social order at a very young age.

10 Celebrities Who Have a Secret Love Child
When you?re filthy rich and in the eye of the public, everything is recorded. Celebrities have a tough time keeping a secret hidden from the media especially if it involves a romance that leads to an unexpected surprise.

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