Four Seasons Opens Overwater Wedding Pavilion With A Glass Aisle
Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru opened the spectacular wedding venue to couples this month Read more:

The Evolution Of The Female Sex Symbol Over 100 Years
The notion of a female sex symbol has changed a lot over the last century. Here are 24 of the most famous sex symbols from every decade, starting in the 1890s up until today.

27 Hilarious Subtitle Fails
After seeing these images it’s seems like subtitle writing is a fun job. Check Out.

27 Paranormal Photos For You To Spend A Bad Day
The paranormal is an issue that always strikes us. The pictures you see here are irrefutable proof that another world exists and for those people who like to ask the proof.

10 GIFs That Jump Off Your Screen Without 3D Glasses
Amazing effect!

24 Of The Cutest Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom
A parent’s love for their child knows no boundaries, and this is true both of us and of our animal friends.

Watch As Boy Twists Neck Around 180 Degrees
The remarkable footage shows a kid twisting his entire body 180 degrees away from his head.

Woman Forgets Handbrake of Her Car
Watch what happens when you forget to deploy that handbrake thingy.

20+ Minerals And Stones More Beautiful Than Diamonds
Let your eyes feast on some of the world’s most beautiful minerals and stones straight from Mother Earth.

30 Stunning Pictures Worth More Than 1000 Words.
Worth Reading.

12 Highest Paid Musicians In 2015
Forbes released their list of highest earning musicians of 2015 early in this month. According to Forbes, many musicians haven’t released single album over the past few years but they are still on the top list. Thanks to the world tours and different endo

33 Photos Showing That Russian Ingenuity Surpasses All Others
We have seen a lot of crazy things happening in Asian countries like Japan and China, and Russia is not far behind. Russia apparently wants to join the list of the rare countries in the world.And the Russians can become quite confusing….. One of the mos

There Is Something Very Diffrent In These 33 Cars
I am very confused how should i describe these crazy cars!! But I am very clear that there is something very strange or good or bad or anything else. Emmmmmm, i am sorry. Better you described yourself and don’t forget to let me know via the comment option

[Video] Amazing Time Lapse of Airport Runway
A tribute to the 2-year single runway operation of RCTP

Guy Made His Own Lightsaber
A quick video of my lightsaber build, just in time for Star Wars!
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