Girls with Extremely Sexy Abs (23 Pictures)
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Rescued Baby Deer Shares An Adorable Moment With A Loving Dog
Mishka, the Karelian bear dog, is a wildlife service dog who is specially trained to help recondition habituated bears.

A Dead Cockroach Was Left In The Stairwell At School And Students Had The Best Response
A cockroach is not a welcome sight to most humans.

Rubbing Vodka On Your Face Might Seem Stupid, But It’s Actually A Great Idea.
Ahh, vodka. The universal party-starter.

Will Smith Slaps Reporter
Guy Tries To Kiss Will Smith. When this attempted Kiss happen, Smith reacted with a quick shove, and a, "Come on, man. What the hell is your problem, buddy?"

Amazing Art Created With Chainsaws And Wood
We Heard Of Carving Out Of Wood With Knives But This Is On A Whole New Level

Engineer Builds a Real Burning Lightsaber
Star Wars just invaded reality with an electrical engineer’s creation of a blue burning lightsaber that can destroy Stormtrooper balloons.

Kelly Slater Just Built A Perfect Artificial Wave
It’s been years in top secret development, but Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool has finally seen the light of day.

[Video] Guy Skydiving Whilst Skyping the Parents!
Roger, originally from Ireland, whilst on a trip around the world, jumped (literally) at the chance to take part in a 14,000 foot skydive with a twist!

[Video] Paranormal Activity Digital Portrait Zombie Halloween Prank
What do you think?

Don’t Die From A Heart Attack-What To Do When You Are Alone
Nothing worse than having a heart attack and you are all alone, but learning this information will give your only chance of survival.

300 Pounds To Bully No More-One Woman’s Awesome Weight Loss Journey
After Being Bullied At 300 Pounds. Woman Loses Weight And Looks Awesome

Guy Who Constantly Pranks His Glamour Model Girlfriend Takes Shit Way Too Far
Meet Shammi, he has a massive internet following and is a renowned prankster. But his latest video has divided opinion, with some people claiming he has taken the ?shaming? of his girlfriend too far.

10 Popular Expat Countries To Stay Away From
Retiring to Costa Rica, making a killing in Hong Kong, hanging out with other anime nerds in Japan?the reasons for moving abroad are legion and frequently awesome. It’s estimated that 2.2 million to 6.8 million Americans are currently enjoying the

Top 10 Obnoxious Ways The Rich Spend Their Money
The aristocratic elite often live differently from the rest of the wage earning world like you and me. From buying their way to become members of secret wine cults to paying some brilliant sap to turn their poop into gold, join us as we take a peek into t
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