12 Movies That Got Banned By Countries For Hilarious Reasons
Censorship is an issue but what happen when a movie got banned for silly reasons ! Here is a list movies that got banned around the world for hilarious reasons and causes a unimaginable pain to the director. Check Out !

30 Images That Will Bring Joy In Your Mind
I am sure that these heart-warming photos will put a twinkle in your heart. Have a good day.

18 Celebrities Who Survived Getting Shot
You most probably didn’t know about these 18 famous people have survived after being shot.

Mind-Blowing Tree House Village
Peter Bahouth, former Greenpeace executive director, wanted a private getaway right in his own backyard.

Amazing 3D-Printed NES Portable
If Nintendo were to ever release an official NES portable, it would probably look something like this custom 3D-printed creation by the "LonghornEngineer".

Top 10 Hottest British Women in Great Britain
They are hot, amazingly beautiful and successful.

Daily Morning Awesomeness (45 Pictures)
see more click now

Lucky Guy Walks Away From Insane Drag Race Crash
Top Fuel driver Larry Dixon walked away uninjured from this spectacular crash.

This Meteorologist Delivers an Awesome Star Wars-Themed Forecast
The Force is very strong with this British meteorologist.

12 Terrible Photos That Will Make You To Reconsider Your Love For The Ocean
The sea is uncharted territory for us and although many think that we have controlled … we know only 30%. Here we show a set of images that will give you that the sea is a completely unknown world.

18 Awkward Christmas Family Photos
This is the worst collection of awkward Christmas family photos. Don’t forget to let us know which one is more awkward.

24 Things You Should Learn From The Simpsons
The Simpsons is the long running comedy cartoon in the U.S. TV history that started from the December 17, 1989. It’s based on the eponymous family. The Simpsons series teaches us many things as like these. Check out.

[Video] Inside The World’s Most Expensive Home
Chateau Louis XIV, a mansion outside of Paris named after the 17th century French king

This Amazing Potato Peeling Trick Will Saves You A Lot of Time
Check out this crazy potato-peeling technique!

The Biggest Firecrackers Road from China
A village in China has continued an annual tradition of lining their main street with million of firecrackers.

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