[Video] Genius Device That Will Clean Up Our Ocean
Comment what you think about this idea?

[Video] Guy Built a Flamespitter With Lego
With realistic fire-spewing action, we build the Purifier flamethrower from Black Ops 3!

17 Unknown Interesting Facts About Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler ? Adolf Hitler was an autocrat leader. He was a human being but he was rough and impolite and also brusque person. It is quite impossible to believe that behind these all things he had a secret. People called him master of crucial planning.

30 Most Hilarious Haircut Ever
These are the most funniest haircut i have ever seen. You may choose on of these for the next halloween.. LOL

15 Hilarious Billboards From The Simpsons
If you missed those billboard from the Simpsons then this article is for you. Check out those hilarious billboard from The Simpsons.

[Video] Japanese Dad Smashes Son’s PS3 and This Is What Happened
You are not expecting this.

George/Sexy Korean Celebrity went to a big shopping mall in Weifang, China with 3 Security Guards, Camera men, a personal assistant and a Range Rover!

Funniest Viral Game In A Long Time
This New Game Is A Combination Of Several Hlarious Games And It’s Taking The Internet By Storm

17 Most Unique And Mysteriously Colored Squirrels
Just when you think you have seen mostly all there is to see, even though you really know that will never happen, Nature reveals a few more surprises for you.

Building a Better Mouse Trap with Video Surveillance
And They Will Come! 3 mice fall into a bucket.

LeBron James Smashes into the Wife of Australian Golfer
LeBron James fell onto wife of Australian golfer Jason Day during a game.

Accused Bank Robber Interrupts Live TV Cross
A US TV reporter has found himself in the middle of the action after a suspected bank robber ran past him during a live cross.

Twenty Kids Stuffed in a Car in India
Only in India!

[Video] Motorised Drift Trike = FUN
Here we have my awesome motorised drift trike in all its happy glory, its good for about 50mph and you can drift n spin till your sick with no hills required.

[Video] Stranger Twins Meet Each Other for First Time
A WOMAN has met her Swedish doppelganger for the first time ? and they look so alike even her dad can’t tell them apart.

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