Disgruntled Guest Rams Truck Into Oklahoma Hotel Desk
Stunning video released Monday shows an angry man ramming his pickup truck through the lobby and into the front desk of an Oklahoma.

Girl Freaks Out and Faints on Slingshot Ride
She ended the journey with a smile, even though she fainted several times mid-ride.

15 Most Popular Cars Of 1990s
From 70s to 80s most of the cars were absolutely sucked. most of them were overly bonny. Their performance was not too good and they were not appropriately proportioned. But in the 90s the world see something new. New designed cars came out having the str

27 Hilariously Ugly Sweaters You Can Try In This Christmas
You looking for special sweaters for this Christmas? Then you are in right place. You can choose your sweaters from below. The most ugliest Christmas sweaters i have ever seen.

24 Vintage Gadgets That Are Truly WTF
People are inventing many things to met our daily demand. But probably you didn’t seen these ridiculous inventions long before the hands free scooter was invented. It’s hard to explain these WTF vintage gadgets.

Splitting a Bullet With a Samurai Sword
Penn & Teller set out to see if they can split a bullet with a samurai sword and then retest to check it with a butter knife.

Check Out These Awesome Star Wars Pancakes
Have you ever wanted to eat Jabba the Hutt?

The Truth About Instagram Pictures
Every day, thousands of people on Instagram snap pictures meant to invent a new identity for themselves.

[Video] NewSupercar With Insane 5000 Horsepower
Devel Sixteen, 12.3 Liter V16 engine, 81 mm Quad Turbo, 32 Titanium Valves, Sixteen Cylinder One Billet Block, Devel Sixteen Cylinder Heads, One Billet Cam Shaft, One Crank Shaft, rated over 5000 Horsepower

[Video] The Automatic Drink Mixing Machine
This is a homemade drink mixer made using an Arduino Circuit board

[Video] Two Headed Snake Feeding
This is a video of "Medusa" the two-headed Albino Honduran Milk Snake.

Innovative Sound-Absorbing Hexagons
Unlike traditional sound insulation, these sound-absorbing, hexagonal modular tiles – made from wood fibers mixed with cement and water – come in a variety of different colors, and can be assembled in a host of patterns to create a stunning wall mural.

When Tank Meets 3-Wheeled Motorcycle
Moto Guzzi’s "Autoveicolo Da Montagna" (Mountain Car in Italian), a 3-wheeled motorcycle with tracks, may not have the latest and greatest technologies, but it can definitely handle any terrain.

Top 20 Places To Visit In Dubai
Dubai is the 25 most expensive and popular travelling destination around the world. It’s sky touching buildings, parks, malls are really eye catching. Though it major revenue comes from the oil, now it earned more revenues from the tourists. These 20 list

21 Photo Fails That Need Deep Background Check
Before posting a photo on social media double check the photo. I am sure, you are thinking why? You will see below why i am telling this. Check out these photo fails, specially the background.

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