People With Unconventional Fashion Sense
These people clearly don’t care about fashion trends.

Man Turns Boeing 727 Into a Cozy Home
Bruce Campbell, an aviation enthusiast from Oregon, transformed a decommissioned Boeing 727-200 into a cozy home, complete with 1,066-square-feet of interior living space.

Power Paper Stores Electricity and Recharges in Seconds
Swedish researchers have developed "power paper," a plastic-like paper made completely from organic materials that has an exceptional ability to conduct ions and electrons.

Glam Girls from Russian Social Network
Well, they did their best in a desperate attempt to gain some attention.

45 Seconds How To Fix Car Dents Using This Boiling Hot Liquid
Awesome Car Dent Repair Hack That Is Quick, Easy And Totally DIY

Best New Rocky Movie Creed Spawns New Saga
Fans Of The Rocky Saga Have New Saga Spawning As "Creed" Tops Blox Office

Newlyweds Release Heart Balloons Into The Sky
They weren’t expecting this to happen..

A Deer Flips over a Police Cruiser in This Amazing Dashcam Video
The deer is then seen running off into the bushes without sustaining any apparent injuries.

40 Stunning Photos That Capture The Best And The Worst Of Humanity
The total number of photograph that people takes everyday now and the total number of photograph that were taken in whole 20 centuries are almost same. At first, when the photograph were invented (during 1826-1827), we already passed the 189 years from th

24 Weird Crime Facts From Around The World
Crime law is almost same in the whole world. But we found these crime facts something very weird. Here are those 24 weird facts from all around the world.

30 Times When Everything Is Completely Authentic
Everything you will below is 100% authentic. Nothing is wrong here. Just Check Out. Hahaha

Girls Who Failed at Being Sexy
These girls failed so hard in a desperate attempt to look seductive and sexy.

Perfectly Timed Photos
Yet another selection of funny pictures taken at the perfect moment.

Tractor Overtakes Car on Autobahn
The tractor hits an incredible speed of 62 mph, well, incredible for a tractor.

Fresh Heart of Japanese Packaged Fish is Still Beating
At least you know it’s fresh.
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