15 Self-Care Ideas for When You?re Feeling Down
I suck at self-care. I don?t get it. Am I supposed to take care of my physical biological needs? I already do that. Am I supposed to go buy myself a coffee, sit down and journal for an hour each day? Who?s supposed to watch my kid during this? Get a p

10 Reasons Why Having Your Babies at a Young Age is Awesome
I had my son when I was 21 years old. While most of my friends were going to bars and job interviews, I was decorating a nursery and changing poopy diapers. I loved it. I was exactly where I needed to be, and yet people still treated me like I was doing s

19 Very Interesting Facts Of The Busiest New York City
New York is the most Busiest city in the U.S. Not only in U.S. even around the world. Seems like the New York City never sleep. It’s also highly populated where more than 26,000 people live in each square mile. About 1 in every 38 people living in the Uni

21 Of The Most Private Thoughts That Girls Shared Publicly
These girls acknowledgement are real and it’s really going on.

27 Creative And Funny Bathroom Signs
The designers of these signs are highly creative. Another facts is, they know how to make fun. Take a look of these very unique bathroom signs sincerely. Because it’s very confusing. But surely it will make you laugh.

Watch a Four-Year-Old Drive a Volvo Truck Remotely
Volvo Trucks has now revealed what its latest "live test" is all about: a four-year-old girl driving.

A Solid Proof That Male Lions Are Better Hunter Than Lionesses
The difference between a boy and a girl when deciding when and which restaurant to eat.

50 Most Awesome Pictures That Worth a Thousand Words
Most Awesome Pictures that worth a Thousand Words

Entrants for the Darwin Awards
entrants for the Darwin Awards 2015

Funny Sports Photos At Perfect Time
Funny Sports Photos Captured At Perfect Time

It?s Almost the Weekend and I Don?t Give a Fuuuuuu
It?s Almost the Weekend and I Don?t Give a Fuuuuuu..funny pics

26 Professional Wrestlers Who Have Died Too Young
It’s very shocking for the wrestling lovers that some of their favorite wrestlers are no more with them. Not only this, these Professional wrestlers died too early from their time. Now the question is how they were died too early? What was the age when th

18 Funny Meme Stream To Make You Laugh All Day Long
No matter how your days going. But i am damn sure after seeing these funny memes you will laugh all day long.

30 Perfect Images For Those Who Need Rest In Weekend
If you’re a little tired of your surroundings and the people around you right now. This post is for you. It will help you to pass the time with fun and unique way. We all need a break from the world. It’s time to take it and above all, enjoy it.

27 Hilariously Accurate Tumblr Posts That We Can All Relate To
Tumblr is a wonderful wonderful place. Full of people posting some pretty amazing content, it?s also a place where people bare all and lay down some pretty extreme truths. While of course some of it can be a little dark, there are times when Tumblr user

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