Next Level Fails That Will Make Your Jaw Drop
Us humans like to think that we are the supreme being on this planet, but the people involved in these photos really do bring that widely regarded fact into question. Some of us must have brains smaller than a gnats to be capable of this kind of stupidity

Eerie Ghost Stories
Whether these stories are all true or not you just have to admit they are quite eerie.

A Little Fun for Adults ? Part 38
Hot sexy girls are here again, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy these pics!

Cool Lucky Strike Spy Camera
Want a real spy gadget that agents have actually used in the field? Then look no further than this Lucky Strike Spy Camera.

Futuristic McLaren MP4-X F1 Car
We have seen the future of F1 cars, and it includes the McLaren MP4-X. This futuristic vehicle comes equipped with a protective canopy that is both hydrophobic and photochromatic for superb visibility in all weather situations.

10 Hottest Celebrities Who Lost Her Virginity To Other Celebrities
we all has the interest to know about the private lives of celebrities. We are used to bombard us with hundreds of controversial news and scandals about what celebrities do. Sometimes we wonder if they are real, whether it will be part of show or indeed a

27 Best Dad Jokes Of All TIme
A collection of best dad joker ever.

24 Most Ridiculous Minimum Budget Cosplays
Movie seen or movie heroes get-up always make us to follow them. For commercial use they can spend as much as need for the character’s dress. But in non-commercial purpose it’s almost impossible to buy or make those types of dress. But these people are di

This is What Iranian Women Looked Like in the 1970s
Believe it or not these awesome pictures were not photoshopped.

Driver Loses Control of 662-horsepower Shelby GT500
After leaving a car show, a driver was showing off in a Shelby Mustang GT500 when the car lost traction.

DeAndre Jordan Missed 22 Free Throws in a Single Game
Jordan has already missed more free throws than almost half the league?s teams.

10 Most Weirdest Deaths Of 2015
Most Weirdest Deaths Of 2015

Can Of Coke Sliding Across Table Sounds Like Chewbacca
Video going viral online shows a Coca-Cola Zero can making the unmistakable sound of a Wookiee as it’s pushed across a table.

This Guy Put a Stabilized Camera on a Boomerang
Did you know you can shoot aerial photos and videos by putting a stabilized camera on a boomerang?

16 Interesting Facts About George Timothy Clooney
A man who can play with your eyes as a thief by his magical acting and who can enter in your casino as pilfer and exit with millions. Yes, I?m talking about George Timothy Clooney. Every viewer knows him George Clooney. Clooney is a kind of actor who ca
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