Terrifying Vampire Facts From Myths
Amazing and Terrifying Vampire Facts From Myths

21 Images Proving How Powerful The Humans Are
No doubt that humans are the best creature of this world. Again these people shows how powerful we all can be.

33 Weird Jobs You Probably Didn?t Know Really Existed
I really didn’t know about these unusual jobs before seeing these images. How people making money by doing these things. But bear in mind, work is work. Check out this weird and unusual jobs.

Interesting Trivia About London
Let’s learn some interesting things about the capital city of England.

See Inside an Egyptian Juice Factory
This is why you should never drink juice produced by this highly suspicious factory from Egypt.

Amazon Reveals Black Friday 2015 Deals
Black Friday Sale is on! The e-retail giant Amazon has recently announced that it will start offering Black Friday Deals for a whole week, starting from 20th of November. The deals are going to start this Friday and will be available till Thanksgiving Day

Black Friday Discount Deals
For the first time in the history, Black Friday annually celebrated biggest shopping event across the globe, is set to be introduced to Pakistanis by country?s top online stores. The Black Friday concept was invented in the U.S. in 1924 by American mult

Beauty Begins the Moment You Decide to Be Yourself.
Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself

Things That Only People Who Wear Contact Lenses Would Understand
Things That Only People Who Wear Contact Lenses Would Understand Things That Only People Who Wear Contact Lenses Would Understand

Man Imprisoned 44 Years Blown Away By How World’s Changed
Johnson spent 44 years in prison for trying to murder a police officer.

Earthquake-Resistant Bed Invented
An intelligent bed system which provides protection against earthquake.

Hot Celebs on the Beach
Hot Celebs on the Beach – amazing

30 Creative Ways To Make A Thanksgiving Turkey With Kids
Thanksgiving is definitely a fun time to spend time with your kids and make some fun memories. Is there any better way than in the kitchen or craft room? Lifehack Parenting Team has prepared 30 creative ways to make some turkey crafts and treats! Enjoy!

30 Fun DIY Thanksgiving Craft Ideas For Kids And You
For this thanksgiving, Lifehack Parenting Team suggests you to include your children in the preparation of decorations. We have collected 30 craft ideas for your little crafters that are so simple and easy. Have a nice time and enjoy preparing for the

Robot Moves in Any Direction Without Turning Wheels
We have seen the future of 4WD robots (possibly vehicles), and it can move in all directions without even turnings its wheels. This particular machine is called the "4WD 100mm Mecanum Wheel Learning Arduino Kit C009".

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