27 Odd Things That You Will Only Found In Asia
If you visit Asia, you will see available stuff like these. Totally Weird.

15 Hilarious Celebrity Banter Names
Who knew some changes of celebrity names could be so much fun? Check out these celebrity pun names. Hilarious !

Fails Happen Everywhere
Fails seem to happen everywhere and all the time.

Man Gives Bear Hugs And Kisses
In a dangerously happy scene this bear hopped into a pool of water at the bottom of a waterfall where he splashed and played around with this thrill-seeking man.

Crazy Wind-assisted Own Goal
Defender Kamarl Duncan tries to clear the ball but the wind blows it up and back in the direction of his own goal, bouncing over goalkeeper Rhys Madden.

Strangest Things Passengers Tried To Take On A Plane
Things Passengers Tried To Take On A Plane

The Mysterious Giant Craters of Siberia
The Amazing Giant Craters of Siberia

18 Best Tourist Photo Fails You Have Ever Seen
It’s normal to having photos while traveling. But these tourist don’t know what they are doing. As a result, their awesome moments turns into fails.

33 Funny Images To Make Your Sunday More Enjoyable
Funny photos to make your Sunday more awesome and enjoyable. Check Out.

Video Games in 1996
If you were around for the launch of the SNES back in 1991, the $ 199 bundle with Super Mario World may sound familiar.

Life Hacks for Geeks
Laptop coolers will normally run upwards of $ 15, or at least for a decent one that won’t break down after a simple tumble, and comes complete with 160mm fans that can spin at approximately 1500RPM.

Adele Dressed Up As an Adele Impersonator
She’s so good at pretending to be herself, she even fools all the other fake Adeles who show up to an audition with her.

Watch a Car Gets Strike by Bolt of Lightning
The power of nature striking down on this SUV is blinding and absolutely terrifying.

Pyro Mini Fireball Shooter
First, there was Pyro, a device that enabled you to shoot fireballs from your wrist. Now, Ellusionist has unveiled Pyro Mini, which turns you into a real-life X-Men character.

Homemade Rally Fighter
Russell White, a car enthusiast from Texas, spent $ 100,000 building a custom street-legal "Rally Fighter" vehicle that can literally go anywhere, even to work.

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