Breathtaking Caves
The Langjokull ice cave, Iceland’s

Guy Turns Old Tractor Into Motorcycle
Larry Medwig from Painesville, Ohio had an old tractor collecting dust. So, he decided to combine his passionate of motorcycles with his DIY know how, and build the aptly named "Rat Bike".

Awesome Tank Chair
The RipChair 2.0, designed by military engineers and brothers Howe & Howe, is built upon their patented Ripsaw tracked platform.

30 Images From Meanwhile In The China
This is a gallery of interesting images collected from meanwhile in China. These images will give you some ideas about China. Check out.

18 Awkward Photos Of People Sleeping In Public Places
Most probably these people are opposite of sleeping beauty.

It?s Time for Some Cool and Interesting Facts ? Part 23
It?s the perfect time to let your brain absorb these 24 interesting and fun facts.

35 Silly Things People Believed As Kids
35 hilariously absurd things people actually believed when they were little.

Funny Memes That Men in Relationship Will Understand
All men in relationship can easily relate to these 20 funny memes.

The Brightest Flashlight in the World
Here’s how to make a phenomenally bright 1000w eqiv. LED flashlight.

Star Wars Barrel Organ Constructed from Lego
The Star Wars Builders of Sound barrel organ was put together from over 20,000 Lego bricks to celebrate the 3D premiere of Star Wars.

Celebs Who Seem Nice But Are Actually Jerks
Celebrities Who Seem Nice But Are Actually Jerks

Drone Get Kidnapped by Two Eagles
Drone Get Kidnapped by Two Eagles – amazing video

Inspirational Plus-Size People in Sports
Amazing Plus-Size People in Sports

Zombie Apocalypse Gadgets
If looks could kill, this zombie-fighting Maybach Exelero definitely takes the cake.

Playing GTA V on a Motion Simulator
GTA V is already too crazy for some people, but imagine taking it to the next level with a motion simulator. That’s exactly what a Force Dynamics employee did.
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