18 Things That You Will Only Found In India
India is different, funny and freaky. Don’t believe me? Check out these images. LOL

24 Inspirational Images That Will Make You Laugh
Did you failed and need some inspiration? This gallery will help you with laugh. LOL

23 Highly Disturbing Pieces of Spongebob Fan Art
Check out some of the most disturbing examples of Spongebob fan art.

A Little Fun for Adults ? Part 36
Hot sexy girls are here again, for your viewing pleasure.

Rio Tinto Using Self-driving Trucks to Transport Ore
Australian mining giant Rio Tinto just completed its rollout of huge driverless trucks to transport iron ore.

Remi Gaillard Makes Sure Speeding Cars Look Like Lingerie Models
Remi decided to turn into a professional photographer without investing into any kind of equipment.

Fail Stories Of The Worlds Most Successful People
Fail Stories Of The Most Successful People

21 Images Showing Why Women Live Longer Than Men
Some say that women live longer than men. Others disagreed because they have not seen any of this strong evidence in their life. These are irrefutable evidence of why men live less than women.

21 Interesting Things You Have Never Thought Of In This Way Before
Everything is as usual as we seen. But do you ever thought them in difference ways? If you do it, you will get something very interesting. Check out these Interesting Things.

There Are Jerks Among Us
There are a lot of complete jerks out there.

US Air Force Develops Real Lightsaber Torch
You don’t need The Force to use this real-life lightsaber of sorts, as it works by just pushing a button.

Futuristic TRON-Inspired Motorcycle
While it may appear to be a vehicle from TRON, this is just the futuristic Yamaha MT-10 motorcycle. It’s powered by a 998cc CP4 crossplane engine that produces 165 horsepower and 75 lb-ft of torque.

Cellphones Are the Scourge of the Modern Era
It’s just sad what this technology do to people. Slowly but surely we are becoming slaves to our cellphones.

Playing ?GTA V? in a Force Dynamics Motion Simulator
What you just watched was a Force Dynamics employee playing GTA V while strapped into one of the company?s 401cr motion platforms.

Crocodile Attacks a Male Lion
mazing video of a young male lion crossing the sabie river when a crocodile suddenly decides to attack.

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