Real-Life Pokemon Spotted
A Blue Dragon, also known as Glaucus atlanticus, recently washed ashore on Australia’s Gold Coast Beach.

Massive Mansion Has IMAX Theater
Priced at an astonishing $ 159-million, Le Palais Royal is truly a Versailles-style royal palace, or as close as money can get you. Situated along Hillsboro Mile in Florida.

37 Shining Examples of Human Ingenuity
When it comes to innovative solutions human ingenuity knows no bounds.

Girls Who Have Significantly Changed Their Look
These girls have worked hard in order to get themselves a brand new look.

Trees ‘breathe’ Under a Forest Floor
Is the earth literally breathing or is it some kind of forest spirit that?s been awakened after a long eternity of slumber?

Toddler Sings Star Wars Imperial March
A toddler was caught on baby monitor humming the Star Wars’ Imperial March.

Extreme Mountain Unicycling
Extreme Mountain Unicycling – amazing videos

Spanish Bull Obtrudes a Cage
Spanish Bull Obtrudes a Cage in Spain

Harmful Food Combinations You Should Avoid
Harmful Food You Should Avoid

27 Hilarious Fails Of Most Epic Proportions
These epic fails will makes you glad that you are none of them. Hilarious!

18 WTF Freeze Moments For Your Viewing Pleasure
A collection of WTF and hilarious freeze TV moments. Check out!

21 Ways To Tell You Are Getting Old
These Are 21 Sure Fire Ways To Tell If You Are Old

It Could Have Gone Either Way
How Things Go Wrong

3D Mapping Technology
These are not optical illusions, just mind-bending 3D projection mappings by artist Miguel Chevalier. They were projected inside King’s College Chapel.

Batwing-Inspired Personal Fighter Jet
Why get a $ 699,000 supercar, when you could get the Batwing-inspired Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie personal fighter jet? This five-seat, propeller-driven aircraft was designed with three iPad-style screens that display the most essential information.
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