63 People Who Know How To Live By Trying To Die
These People Do It All-Whatever Is Insane They Will Do It For The Adrenaline Rush

60 Pics Improved With Funny Captions
Funny captions make these funny pics even funnier.

Victoria’s Secret Angels With and Without Makeup
Don’t you think some of these Victoria’s Secret models look even better without makeup?

Finally, the Jetpack We’ve Always Wanted
The JB-9 runs on actual turbojet engines.

‘Smooth Criminal’ Played on a Barrel Organ
Watch this Frenchman play Michael Jackson?s ?Smooth Criminal? on a barrel organ.

24 Funniest Memes That Taken From Our Daily Life
These are exactly the matters what we are thinking about and often do.

21 Most Beautiful Female Police Officers From All Around The World
Being caught by police is the most disgusting thing. But how about if a beautiful female police officer caught you! Most probably you will be stay arrested to that beautiful female police officer.

20 Awkward After Sex Confessions
Awkwardly funny things people have said after having sex.

Penelope Cruz Has a Sister and She’s Damn Hot
Meet 38-year-old Monica Cruz, Penelope’s younger sister. In my humble opinion she’s even hotter than her famous sister.

IPad Pro Launched
Apple iPad Pro is now officially on sale and is available for order on Apple?s online store.

Nintendo Direct Broadcast Live Streaming
Nintendo?s Direct Broadcast will begin airing today starting at 2pm PT. Live Streaming is available for the broadcast which will feature the latest updates on the much awaited upcoming 3DS & WiiU released in the coming year.

Functional Holochess Table
Ian Martin, a web developer and owner of Dejarik Creations, decided to build a real-life version of the holochess table from Star Wars: A New Hope.

Electromagnetic Plasma Rifle
Firearms enthusiast Alex has built an electromagnetic plasma rifle that appears to be straight from a video game, or the movie District 9.

Craziest Ideas from the TV Show Shark Tank
Well, did they get approved or what?

Woman Wins a Million Dollars on Price is Right in 8 Seconds!
Uh, no big deal…

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