Basketball Player Accidentally Punches Referee Below the Belt
This looked at lot worse than it was.

Artists in Vietnam Can Create Photorealistic Designs Using Sand
Sand painting has been around for a while, but this is a whole new level of amazing.

How To Lose All Your Bet Money Saying Something Is Photoshopped
Photoshopped Or Not-Dachshund Pup With Pitbull Head-This One Is Real

Massive Sinkhole Swallows Up Cars In Parking Lot
People Stopping To Eat In A New Restuarant Watch Their Cars Swallowed Up By Giant Sinkhole In The Parking Lot

What Do DJs REALLY Do When DJing?
Ever wonder what’s really behind the DJ?

Mythbusters: Swimming in Syrup Vs Water
This may sound strange, but its mildly interesting.

21 Most Weird Names In The History Of Mankind
Have fun through the rest of your life with one of these normal name. LOL

18 Images That Require Explanation Urgently
Humans beings are extraordinary who have the ability to create, design and build realities without limit. And perhaps, this is why our world is full of incomprehensible things, Characters, situations and bizarre scenes flooded over daily. That makes our l

Subway Fashion: Russian Edition ? Part 10
Russian commuters are well known for their eccentric and twisted fashion sense.

These Pics Are Full of Awesomeness
51 super cool pics that definitely deserve your attention.

The World Famous Barbie Doll Through the Years
Without any doubt Barbie is the most famous doll in history.

IPhone 6S Retro Unveiled
ans of the Apple IIe personal computer will appreciate the retro touches ColorWare applied on its limited edition, individually numbered iPhone 6S Retro handset.

World’s First True Jetpack
David Mayman, an Australian entrepreneur who has spent the past 10 years designing and building prototypes of the wearable flying JB-9, soared across the Hudson River in New York City on Tuesday.

Watch Divers Have Close Call With Shark
A great white shark lunges at a diving cage in Gansbaai, South Africa.

Seal Catches a Ride on the Back of a Whale
Watch as a playful seal decides to go for a ride after jumping onto the back of a whale!
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