Dubai Airshow 2015: Sales Down Compared to 2014
The Dubai Airshow took off Sunday to a slow start with a record low in sales expected as the Gulf’s main airlines have already placed large orders with major manufacturers.

48 Amazing Photographs of China a Century Ago
Rare and valuable photos of China at the beginning of the 20th century.

This Guy Taps The Craziest Passcode To Unlock A Phone
See this video from Japan in which one passenger in the subway captured a moment when stranger tried to unlock his cellphone with the most difficult passcode.

This Girl Has No Idea How to Use a Land-line Phone
So, a video of a girl who has no idea how to hang up a landline phone, may not come as a surprise to the younger generation.

Bizarre Bright Moving UFO-Like Object Spotted in California Sky
Bizarre Bright UFO-Like Object Spotted in California Sky

Perfectly Timed Photos
Yet another selection of funny pictures taken at the perfect moment.

Woman Set On Fire Takes Off Mask She Wore For 30 Months
Woman Set On Fire By Jealous Woman Removes 30 Month Mask To Reveal How She Looks Now

Drunken Customer Attacks McDonald’s Manager Choking Him At Drive-Thru
McDonald’s Worker Was Having It, "Fist Way" As He Was Trying To, "Drive Thru" A Drunken Customers Head.

Smart Magic Wand
The problem with most portable printers today is that they’re still too large to bring with you on trips, but Smart Magic Wand aims to solve that problem.

Futuristic Four-Wheeled Motorcycle
Say goodbye to rough rides on uneven terrain, and hello to the Yamaha OR2T. This futuristic 4-wheeled motorcycle is powered by the XT1200Z Super Tenere engine, complete with a shaft final drive integrated into the independent swingarms.

45 Hilariously Pointless Constructions
45 constructions mistakes that simply make no sense at all.

The Swedish Army Drum Corps is Almost Robotically Coordinated
If drumming could win wars, then everyone would be terrified of the Swedish army.

This Beach Shower Shampoo Prank Is Pure Genius
Some of them are still washing their hair right now.

Don?t Trust Anyone That Says You Can?t Do It.
Don?t trust anyone that says you can?t do it. Show?

40 Most Motivational Quotes From Richard Branson
40 Most Motivational Quotes From Richard Branson …
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