The Most Terrifying Spiders on Earth
The Amazing Terrifying Spiders on Earth

High-Tech Electronic Skin Could Be Used on Robots
Amazing High Tech Electronic Skin

33 Things That You Will Only Found In Canada
These photos were collected from meanwhile in Canada. LOL

23 Old Photos That Will Not Let You Sleep Tonight
If you are weak kindly don’t see these images. I am not sure what will be your condition.

Innovative Rinser Toothbrush Doubles As Water Spout
At first glance, the Rinser Toothbrush looks normal, but its special feature lies in the built-in scoop that pushes water from your faucet upward so you essentially get a drinking spout to help rinse everything out.

Crazy Electro-Mechanical Clock
There are clocks, and then Rhei, a dynamic installation, an animated sculpture, an idea expressed in the form of a minimalistic, digital clock where time flows.

Vodka Factory Into Tech Start Up Campus
Google will open a "campus" for business startups in a renovated vodka distillery in the Polish capital Warsaw later this month, making it one of a handful of these tech hubs the global IT giant has created worldwide.

3 Reasons to Watch Spectre Movie
With 24th James Bond film "Spectre" releasing in North America on November 6, we take a no-spoilers look at three unusual aspects of the franchise legacy: a mysterious returning character who hasn’t been seen in ages, the apparent fate of the la

A Small Dose of Russian Weirdness ? Part 24
74 strange/weird/WTF/funny/crazy pictures from Russia that will make you want to say ?What the hell is going on here!??

Girls Really Like Photoshop
25 pictures that prove girls and Photoshop are inextricably related.

10 of the Most Ridiculous Things Bought by Billionaires
Unbelievable what people spend their money on, just because they can.

This Is The Coolest Elevator You’ve Ever Seen
The coolest elevator EVER lets you customize your ride.

This is What Happens if You Try and Rob a Human Statue
Normally they are pretty immune to low level harassment by kids and the like, but this video shows they can move incredibly quickly where necessary.

Awesome Working Wings For You-Pneumatic Articulating Wings Open-Close
These Wings look so realistic, and in fact they are some of the most colorful and realistic wings we have come across, that will blow you away..

11 Things Women Need To Know That Husbands And Boyfriends Will Never Tell You
There are certain things men will never admit to the significant other in their lives, here are 11 of these undisclosed truths revealed.
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