New IPhone 7 Concept Has No Buttons
Designer Marek Weidlich shows us what he believes is one possible concept for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 next year, and his vision simplifies things by turning it into a single touchscreen.

World’s First Upside Down Truck
Mechanic and auto shop owner Rick Sullivan has experiencing fixing overturned cars, so why not make one himself? That’s exactly what he did, and 6-months as well as $ 6,000 later, a drivable upside down truck was born.

Badass Combat Vehicles of the Syrian Conflict
Nasty looking combat vehicles that are still in use in the Syrian civil war.

How? Just How?
These 24 seriously weird situations will make you think long and hard.

So You Got Drunk and Then This Happened
Drunk and Wasted People

Only in Asia – Part 220
Photos of funny asian people, funny WTF pictures only see in Asia.

Real Or Not Strange Creatures That Inhabit Earth-Shocking But They Are All Real.
There are creatures on this earth, that look far stranger than some of the creatures you would see in the movies.

Halloween House Wows With Spooky ‘Ghostbusters’ Light Show
If there’s something strange in your neighborhood… it just might be an elaborate Halloween lighting display set to the tune of "Ghostbusters."

SHOCKING-After You Finish Reading-Sleep Tonight Will Not Be Restful-2 Sentence Horror
It doesn’t take much for the hairs on your arms to raise up, when you get exposed to the strange and unexplained occurrences in the world.

Dog Wearing GoPro Is Attacked By Wolves
In a distressing 10 minute video, a dog wearing a GoPro captures the moment two wolves attack her while on a hunt with her owner.

Unusual Flags of the World
Unusual flags all over the world

RoboBee Becomes First Robot That Can Both Fly and Swim
RoboBee Becomes First Robot That Can Fly and Swim

The Off-Road Scooter with Fat Tires and Solar Charging
Another Look at The Beast, an Off-Road Scooter with Fat Tires and Solar Charging

24 Awesome Pics To Make Your Day
Awesome and WTF images to make your day.

21 Selfies That Taken From The Awesome Moments
If you don’t know how to take a good selfie then learn from these people. They are the master of selfie. Just awesome.!
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