What Madness Is This-Bathroom Designs From Hell
Someone must have been pulling a joke or getting back at somebody, when they designed these toilets, and their placements.

Two Pilots Fly Through the Eye of Hurricane Patricia
WatchHurricane Hunters’ fly plane straight into the eye of Hurricane Patricia.

Watch an Airbus A380 Fly Under a Helicopter
It’s not every day you get to see the world’s biggest passenger plane fly under a helicopter.

36 Freakishly Creepy Pics
36 creepy pictures that might affect your sleep tonight.

Nasty Tough Guys
There are really some tough nasty guys out there.

Too Scary Even for the Halloween
Cool and Too scary even for the Halloween

Awesome Soviet Ekranoplan Aircraft Carrier Project
Amazing Soviet Ekranoplan Aircraft Carrier Project

20 Amazingly True Facts To Increase Your Knowledge
Amazing true facts that will satisfied your curious mind.

24 Most Powerful Photos Of The History Of America
Photography create a new era of our daily life. It remember us the memories what we almost forgot. These photograph will tell you the important moments of American history.

7 Ways We Limit Ourselves Without Even Realizing It
We make excuses. We stay in the safe end of the pool and find ways to ignore anything that might challenge us in anyway. We allow circumstances and our belief that we have no choices be our guide instead. Forgetting that we can create happiness as much

7 Things That Will Prevent You From Being Successful
Success is a beautiful word that tingles in our ears. Many desire to be successful, yet success seems to visit just a few and closes its door to many. Perhaps only few people are willing to make their environment conducive enough to welcome in Success. Su

Hot Rod Meets Motorcycle
The Brimstone Quadracycle is basically a cross between a hot rod and motorcycle, but in a quad bike layout. Each one is hand-built to order, and can be configured with plenty of carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium as well as magnesium.

Biski is Half Motorcycle, Half Jetski
It’s a jet ski…it’s a motorcycle…it’s the Gibbs Biski? That’s right, the company best known for their Quadski, unveils an all-new amphibious vehicle.

Watch As We Go Inside A Microwave Oven To See How It Works
Ever Wonder How A Microwave Oven Actually Works? Sure You Have!

How To Use Google Earth To Beat A Speeding Ticket
This Man Uses Google Earth In Courtroom To Prove He Was Not Speeding

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