Charging the M1 Abrams Tank Gun
The M1 Abrams is an American third-generation main battle tank but you have to charge it manually.

When Kids Meet Their Football Idols
If you’re a football fan this might make you cry a little.

Meanwhile In Russia
Meanwhile in Russia – amazing pics

Don’t Even Answer These Questions
The people on Facebook and Twitter never seem to amuse me with their questions.

The Worst Types of People on Facebook
50 of the worst, and im sure there are more.

28 Package Designs That Weren’t Meant
You would think people would think these things over more.

10 of the Richest Gamers in the World
And yes, gamers get paid. ALOT.

10 Pics That Make Me Love Irony
A big shaking of the head right now…

Baby Born Without Parts of Skull Celebrates First Birthday
This boy was given a few days to live, now he’s going on to his first birthday!

The Funniest Childhood Haircuts of All Time
I really don’t think you can top these terrible childhood haircuts. Nor would want to!

28 Photos That Will Surely Leave You Speechless
Sometimes image is worth than thousand words. These amazing Pics will speak to you.

21 Most Powerful Images That Ever Hits On The Web
Touching images that will tug your heart.

Great White Shark Charges Spearfisherman in Murky Waters
Diver Johan Potgieter was filming himself spear fishing when the killer fish suddenly appears out of the gloom.

Thousands of Ducklings Waddle Towards River in China
Amazing footage has emerged of a huge paddling of eager ducklings trooping into a river.

10 Eternally Inspiring Quotes From Gandhi That?ll Encourage You To Change The World
Mahatma Gandhi, born October 2, 1869 in Porbandar, Kathiawar Agency, British India, had a law degree but realized he was too introverted to practice law. Raised in a merchant caste family, he opted to pursue another line of work that would in later years
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