The Largest Lips of Instagram
Meet ’8gates2paradise’ an Afghan woman with a soul-penetrating gaze and suspiciously large lips who has found her place in the vastness of Instagram.

Candyman is Most Hated Person on Instagram
Australian tobacco mogul Travers Beynon, aka CandyMan, is probably the most hated man on Instagram at the moment.

Half-Eaten Fish Jumps From Plate
Would you ever eat fish again if this happened to you?

MotoGP-rider Headbuts a Seagull at the Australian Grand Prix
Italian MotoGP rider Andrea Iannone has an unfortunate clash of heads with a seagull at Phillip Island.

Cops Who Had Secret Criminal Lives
9 Cops Who Had Secret Criminal Lives

30 Most Powerful World Leader Young Time Photos
We all has interest to know how the most powerful world leader looks like when they were young. That is why this list is for you. Check out these world leader young photos.

21 Terrifying Halloween Photos From The Olden Days
Take a look of these terrifying halloween photos. It’s enough to prove that how spooky the olden days was. OMG!

All-Terrain DTV Shredder
Think of the DTV Shredder as your own personal tank, one that’s capable of traversing just about any terrain, with you in control.

Homemade Quake Railgun
Reddit’s "NSA_Listbot" wanted to make the railgun from Quake a reality, so he decided to 3D-print the gun.

Poster Revealed for Star Wars: the Force Awakens
The drum roll leading to the release of "Star Wars: the Force Awakens" intensified Sunday with the release of a poster depicting characters in the latest edition of the franchise.

8 Traditional Pakistani Foods & Their Origins
We all love our popular Pakistani food. The biryanis and tikkas and gulab jamuns and jalebis… Ever wonder if these so-called ‘traditional’ dishes were actually Pakistani in origin? Guess what? most of them aren’t!

Halloween Decorations That Might Freak You Out
13 seriously creepy indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations that might scare the hell out of you.

You Just Gotta Laugh at These YouTube Comments
You just have no choice but laugh at these 60 hilarious and witty comments posted by YouTube users.

29 Utterly Creepy Pictures from the Past
29 creepy vintage pictures that could ruin your sleep tonight.

11 Breath-Taking Shots Of 1 Breath-Taking Villa
A Villa That Could have Only Been First Created In The Most Spectacular Dream
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