China Has More Billionaires Than USA
For the first time, the number of billionaires in China has overtaken that of the United States. An annual survey said Thursday, despite slowing growth in the world?s second-largest economy.

Richest YouTube Stars of 2015
The richest YouTubers of 2015 have been revealed by Forbes. The list of this year’s 13 highest-paid stars to have carved out successful careers on the online video platform is headed by PewDiePie, the Swedish online gaming maestro otherwise known as Felix

Rats Are Becoming Predators-Now They Attack Other Animals
When you think of rats, you think about those furry grey creatures that have no redeeming value, Definitely Not This.

World Warned On Brink Of Abyss After Obama Signs War Powers Act
The entire world now stands on the ?brink of the abyss? after President Obama yesterday signed a new War Powers Act authorizing a United States military invasion of the oil and natural gas rich West African nation of Cameroon.

Photographs With Unbelievably Great Timing
Here are some of the amazing pictures with great timing by various photographers

Nutcase Slacklines Over Pool Of 30 Hungry Alligators
Guy wearing high-tops balances over pool infested with alligators.

Great White Shark Attacks Seal In San Francisco Bay
Recorded on a surveillance camera on the Alcatraz ferry, nature does its thing as bystanders rush to the edge of the dock to witness the spectacle.

14 Weird Facts About Russia
Hilarious and weird facts of Russia that you should know before visiting there.

27 Examples Of Stupid Decision Taking By Stupid People
"Safety first" This phrase is totally valueless for these peoples.

Badass Walking Dead Tattoos
Badass tattoos seen on passionate Walking Dead fans.

Massive Human Electric Pylons
From afar, or in poor visibility, they may look like giant humanoids, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see this installation by Choi+Shine is actually electricity pylons.

This Flash Drive Fries Your Computer
If you’re looking to destroy a computer in an unsuspecting manner, USB killer v2.0 by YouTube user "Dark Purple" should do the trick.

Steam Train Ploughs Through Football Stadium in Slovakia
Football fans at this club in Slovakia got a great view…of a steam train.

In New York City No One Cares About Chris Pratt
New York has no idea who Chris Pratt is in this new Billy on the Street.

YouTube Star Jordan Maron Buys Himself $ 4.5M Mansion
23-year-old YouTube sensation Jordan Maron, aka CaptainSparklez, has purchased a huge mansion in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles for $ 4.5 million.
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