Average-Looking Girls Before and After Makeup
26 amazing pictures of ordinary, average-looking girls before and after applying makeup.

Taking The World’s Worst Car For A Test Drive
Deafeningly loud, ugly, rear single-wheel drive, and a whopping 6 horsepower: the Hoffman had it all.

Earthquake Experience on the 52nd Floor of a Skyscraper in Tokyo
You can get a sense of how much the tower was shaking from the curtains moving and the people screaming. The earthquake itself was scary, but the psychological fear of the tower collapsing etc was stronger.

38 Head-Scratching Pictures
It’s very hard to find a rational explanation for most of these strange pictures.

23 Interesting Facts To Cheer Up Your Curious Mind
Interesting facts to increase your knowledge. Check Out.!

7 Surprising Creepy Discovery From The Mars
NASA has been taking pictures of Mars with the "Curiosity" robot and discovered things that are certainly look strange. some says, these are evidence of life on Mars. What do you think?

Bionic Lens Gives You Super Vision
Wearing corrective eye glasses, contacts and even laser surgery could soon be a thing of the past. Introducing the Ocumetics Bionic Lens.

Insane 120″ 4K TV with 6-Core Processor
Priced at $ 130000, Vizio’s 120" Reference Series 4K Smart UHD TV aims to bring the movie theater experience home, complete with Dolby and DTS sound options.

Caption This-If You Can Find The Words
Some things can leave you speechless , and then other things can make you just start endless conversations.

Barbie’s Imagine Ad Girl-Empowerment
Mattel Inc.?s Barbie has come up with the cutest young professionals? advert which is captioned as ?Imagine the Possibilities? and conceptualized by BBDO San Francisco. Take a look at this brilliantly shot, 1 minute, 55 seconds spot

Pepsi Launching Smartphone
In more a more bizare part of the world’s news today, leading global beverage brand, Pepsi Co. Inc is taking market diversification to a whole new level by launching an android smartphone in China.

Drunk and Wasted People
I’m not drunk okay! I’m just fine!

Meet Maren Schiller, A Cute Blonde With The Killer Abs
She?s as cute as she is strong

Nazi WWII Halftrack Recovered From River Pilica
German Sd.Kfz.250 halftrack pulled out of Pilica river in Poland.

40 Funny and Creative Toilet Signs
Some of the coolest and most creative toilet signs from around the world.

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