Couple Robs Bank-Gets Away-Brags On Facebook-Gets Caught
A couple was busted for allegedly robbing a bank after posting photos of their loot to Facebook

Eggs Are Healthier Than What Most People Think
Eggs have the ability to radically transform your life! For the better! I?ve never met a food source quite like the egg! Interesting looking, with a mind of it?s own, so easy going ? allowing themselves to be fried, boiled, scrambled, flipped, baked

Wonderful Taco Recipes To Try At Home
If you are looking for a meal to make that is quick, easy, and delicious, you can?t go wrong with tacos. Most people tend to buy the taco kits at their local grocery stores. But, this is a meal that you can really get creative with, and after a while, y

Elephant Comes to the Rescue of Her Caretaker in Thailand
Watch as this 17-year-old elephant named Thongsri comes to the aid of her caretaker in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Engineering Dad Builds a Walking, Rideable, Drill-Powered Dinosaur
Tinkerer and woodworker izzy swan had already gone viral with his unique electric drill-powered walking machine.

How To Make Your Own Realistic Brain Cake
How To Make Your Own Brain Cake

The Biggest Health Risks To Humans In Space
Here Are The Biggest Health Risks To Humans In Space

Bizarre Moment Woman Climbs out of Bus Window After Missing Stop
Bizarre moment Woman climbs out of bus window

21 Amusing Images To Start The Week With Good Humor
As every Monday, most of us are too lazy to start the tough and challenging week. But we have faith that this will be temporary, because we always intended to improve our mood. That is why we bring some fun to hang out and pressure free our mind.

30 Most Disturbing Images Ever Hits On The Web
These are the most disturbing pictures of all time that will make you say WTF.

Advanced Auto Trading Software Beats Humans Makes Owner Millionaire
Just take a look, awesome, future is here

Half Quadcopter, Half Car Hybrid
B is no ordinary R/C vehicle, it has the ability to fly through the air, thanks to a built-in propeller system.

Ultimate Astrography Camera
Forget paying thousands for expensive astrography cameras, and say hello to TinyMOS’s Tiny1 Astronomy Camera, which pairs an exceptional low-light sensor with advanced image processing to create striking images of space.

It?s Time for Some Cool and Interesting Facts ? Part 16
It?s the perfect time to let your brain absorb these 31 interesting and fun facts.

Cats Who Are Richer Than You Can Imagine
30 photos that show just how relaxed and luxurious cats can live.
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