Hungry Rabbit Gets a Painful Surprise
This poor rabbit learned a valuable lesson: spiky plants aren’t something that can be eaten.

Bigg Boss 9 Contestants
Bigg Boss 9 or Nau, as it is called, had its grand premiere last night and Salman Khan started the show with a tour of the new Bigg Boss house. Salman took the mic and introduced the concept of ‘double trouble’ to the viewers and one by one introduced the

He Named Me Malala
The documentary, He Named Me Malala, by David Guggenheim premiered at London Film Festival this week, relating the life of the youngest-ever Nobel Peace laureate, Malala Yousafzai and how her father named her after the brave 1880s Pashtun warrior Malalai

You Online Vs Real Life You
The Internet makes everyone’s lives seem at least 53342 times cooler than real life.

How People React If You Shop With A Mask On
People React In The Most Different Ways When You Shop With A Mask On

500 Dollars Glass House Is A Must See Spectacular
Couple Builds A Glass House For 500 Dollars That Is A Deam Home

The Most Adorable Dog Halloween Costumes You Can Buy Online
OMG, it’s so adorable!!!

Kids Are Really Just Little Crazy People
70 Funny Kid Moments

9 Simple Ways To Stay Calm In Highly Charged Situations
Let?s face it: we all sometimes find ourselves in situations where we feel like our patience is on its last thread. We blow a fuse and our anger boils over, making us want to damn-anything-to-hell that gets in our way. But losing it can really bring all

5 Tips I?ve Learned About Being A Successful Freelancer
For much of the past year, I?ve spent my time juggling multiple professional balls as a teacher, tutor, and freelancer. When I left graduate school in 2014, I had only mildly entertained the idea of freelance work, usually on days when my dissertation r

How Much Does a Crash Cost in Formula One?
If the crashes in Formula 1 races aren’t enough to skyrocket your anxiety levels, the cost of fixing these cars surely will.

Woman Forgets to Pull Handbrake of Her Car
I bet this woman won’t make this mistake again in a hurry.

Massive Asteroid Headed Towards Earth This Weekend
Massive Asteroid 86666 Headed Towards Earth This Weekend, is 1.5-Miles Wide

26 Memes To Help You Go Through The Weekend
Twenty six Pictures to help out your weekend. LOL

15 Most Hated Pictures On The Internet
These fifteen photos has been selected the most hated photos on the web.
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