Booby-trapped Bike Teaches Thieves a Lesson
Watch a bunch of bike thieves get absolutely destroyed in this amazing video.

12-Year-Old Texas Girl Sneezes Thousands of Times a Day
Katelyn Thornley sneezes up to 20 times per minute – that amounts to 12,000 times a day.

Bodybuilding Makes Women Look Like Men
These women are very strong

The Most Terrifying Halloween Makeup Of All Time
Realistic halloween makeup that is totally terrifying

Cop Sees Suicidal Man On Bridge-He Does Something Really Simple To Save Him
Sometimes The Little Things Are Bigger Than We Know. Cop Saves Man’s Life By Doing One Simple Thing

If Donald Trump Starred In Horror Movies He Would Look Like This
Collection Of Photos Showing Donald Trump Casted In Famous Horror Movies

Habits That Many People Think Can Make Them Excel At Work But Actually Cannot
New jobs can be scary, and too many employers don?t have formal onboarding programs to properly guide new hires. While you?re finding your footing, try not to be too eager too soon, and get labeled the ?office whiner.? Your boss isn?t there to t

Employee Insights: The Best Perks of the Job [Infographic]
While salary can be one of the main focuses when choosing to take a job role or not, employee perks can have a huge bearing on whether an employee is really satisfied with their job or not. According to MetLife?s employee benefit trends study, ?employ

10 Weird Facts About New Jersey
There is no doubt that New Jersey is home to many who are proud of their beautiful Garden state. Heck, there are some residents who would defend it to their very last breath. It definitely seems like a great state with rich history, though there are some

8 Things That Will Happen If You Break Up With Social Media
Before Mark Zuckerberg thought of Facebook, we were still connecting with our family and friends. Before the era of social media, life was lived, the sky was still blue, and the sun still shone. If you break up with social media, the moon will not fall do

Russia Begins Construction of World?s First Underwater Church
Russia Begins Construction of Underwater Church

28 Funny Images From The World Of WTF
28 WTF collection to pass some good times.

18 Weird Beard Styles
These weird beard styles was collected from the world Beard And Moustache Championships 2015. You have no chance to win this championships among these people.

Monstrous Eliminator V2 Track Car
The Eliminator V2 may look like a crash test vehicle, but this custom kit car by tuner SalvageWon is actually a track monster with parts from several vehicles, including a donor Mazda Miata, in which the engine, driveline and suspension was sourced.

Incredible 3-Story Treehouse
There are simple treehouses, and then this one, built by Jay Hewitt, a handyman / contractor in Massachusetts. It has 3-levels and stands 40-feet-tall, with plenty of room for his grandchildren to play (or even grow up) in.
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