Bicycle Device Projects Signals
A mounted device that projects signals on cyclists? backs might soon improve the relationship between road-users of every sort. Conceived by Azerbaijani designer Elnur Babayev

Which Artist Would Create The Soundtrack To The Movie About Your Life?
Would it be a timeless soundtrack crafted by Queen? Or a heart racing sonata?

Can You Actually See All The Colors?
How well do your eyes actually see?

Google Will Now Let You Undo Send Email on Gmail
Google will make undo send email feature on its lab official on Gmail.

The Casts Of Two Broadway Musicals Were Stuck At An Airport?So They Did This
How do you turn a dreary airport terminal into the wide plains of the African Savanna? Fill it up with Broadway performers, of course!

Dancing In One Place Is Cool, But Dancing In A Hundred Places? That?s Worth Watching
YouTuber Matt Bray, who goes by ProjectOneLife, is dedicated to living life to the fullest, which comes across pretty clearly in his videos.

This Little Boy Just Saw An Awesome Train. Now Watch Him As He Realizes Who Was Driving It
This adorable little boy L-O-V-E-S trains. He?s gone on several trips to the train station with his engineer dad to see the trains pass by and look in the driver?s cab of a train.

9 Unique Military Mobile Bridges
This is a list of the 9 unique military vehicles that carry its own road. These vehicles we don’t usually see every day.

Amazing Design in Lollipop
Eyes Suckers sold by DesignerLollipop. You can get 6 cotton candy flavored creature peeper lollies

36 Backbone Tingling Haunted Locations Within The USA
This record consists of a little bit from each of those classes, and includes some effectively-identified in addition to lesser-recognized haunted locations all through the US. A number of the locations talked about listed here are moderately tame (when y

Funny Football DP: Liverpool Trying to Win the Premiership
Funny football DP of Liverpool trying to win the league, more funny DPS on

Girl Captures The Exact Moment Her Dog Realizes He Was Betrayed
Girl Captures The Exact Moment Her Dog

Colorful Moments Of Rainbow In 14 Photography
Rainbow as "one of the most spectacular light shows observed on earth". Indeed the traditional rainbow is sunlight spread out into its spectrum of colors and diverted to the eye of the observer by water droplets. The "bow" part of the

30 Things Done So Absolutely Wrong They Must Be Right
Things Done So Absolutely Wrong They Must Be Right

These 19 Peoples Wednesday Was Worse Than Yours
In life we ??tend to think that only we have bad luck or all that happen to us … In this sense I thought you’d see that there are people right now what’s going much worse than you.
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