Michele Ivey ? The World?s Biggest Ninja Turtles Fan
Michele discusses her love for the Turtles and the truth behind her obsession

Herbert Chavez ? The World?s Biggest Superman Fan
Herbert Chavez, an obsessed Superman fan, has undergone 16 years of cosmetic surgery (19 in total and £4,400) to transform himself into his hero.

Tree-Colonized Abandoned Vehicles
Trunk Driving: Tree-Colonized Abandoned Vehicles

Samsung Used a Wireless Camera and Four Displays to Create “See Through” Illusion
Drivers have all been stuck behind a truck on a narrow two-lane road at one time or another, but what if these large vehicles in front of us had a screen that displayed a real-time video of the road ahead?

First Look at the Supersonic Hyperloop Transport System
While some of the images above may depict space, an aquarium, etc., but that’s because Elon Musk’s Hyperloop trains do not have windows, but rather a "tripscene" display.

You Won’t Believe These Aren’t Real Crashing Waves
Paul DeSomma and Marsha Blaker specialize in creating glass sculptures that look just like frozen waves caught mid-crash, spraying surf from the contained vessels.

List of Food to Aid Your Diet Program
having a diet program…..maybe this could help

Most Ridiculous People Of Wal-Mart
Let?s take a look at some of the Walmart?s weird and most ridiculous customers

Perfectly Timed Photo In Shopping Mall
What you thinking about this perfectly timed photo?.lol

Dogs Are Always Crazy And Also Likes It
Look at this funny picture, dog also likes to watch and see what the crazy dog is doing?lol

Honest Girl Of the Day
There is no honesty in the world but look at this funny girl, she is honest and that?s why wear such funny outfit on which ?Used? written?.lol

Hard-to-Explain Russian Family Photos
17 WTF photos that prove Russians don’t take family too seriously.

Useful Tricks ? Surprising Uses for Coffee Beans or Grounds
From household to beauty uses, here are a few surprising ways to use coffee beans or grounds.

Meet Luhu, The Saddest-Looking Cat
Although Luhu looks so sad she’s still so cute and adorable.

Meet Luhu The Saddest Cat On The Internet
Just by looking at this cats face, she can get everything that she wants

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